What Remains is the first installment of the Warframe Fragments series released on March 24, 2017. Six pages long, this webcomic is a tie-in prequel of Octavia's Anthem quest, telling a short tale of Cephalon Suda's origin.

What Remains can be found and read at the official website.

Plot SummaryEdit

In the age of the Orokin, during the Old War between the Tenno and the Sentients, an Archimedian had dedicated her life to memories when she took the Archimedian Oath, holding an indispensable amount of knowledge and memories within her mind, in order to preserve the Orokin history for the future.

Having suffered a mix of anterograde and retrograde amnesia, however, memories began slipping away from her. The Archimedian realizes she can no longer uphold the oath and requested the Orokin to turn herself into a Cephalon, in order to preserve what remains of her memories, but not before expressing her regret that she had delayed this long enough to forget her lover's name. The Archimedian is presumed to have been turned into Cephalon Suda.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Octavia's Anthem, Suda later referred Cephalon Simaris as Irmis, it is unknown whether this is an actual name from his past or a mistake due to Suda's mind being affected.
    • By the same token, it is implied that Cephalon Suda's lover was Cephalon Simaris himself, due to the latter stating to have a loyalty glitch after the fight against Suda-Hunhow.
  • In the fourth page of the webcomic, a Mag PrimeIcon272 Mag Prime is seen holding a PrimeBraton Braton Prime instead of an archgun while in Archwing. Creative Director of WARFRAME, Steve Sinclair, admitted this as a mistake from their part.

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