This page contains a summary of weapons that are used as crafting ingredients in Blueprints.

Once a weapon you are not interested in keeping reaches rank 30, instead of selling it, you might want to check if the weapon is required as a crafting ingredient of another weapon: Use CTRL  + F  or   + F  to use your browser's search function.

Crafting another weapon does not mean the product weapon is necessarily better than any of its ingredients.

A product cannot be crafted using ingredients that are still waiting to be claimed in the foundry. As such, managing the order in which weapons are claimed is a requirement if you have limited empty weapon slots. For instance, in the process of crafting the TnoBladedPistols Akjagara: if the DualSkana Dual Skana is claimed before you start crafting the Akbolto Akbolto, you will need a total of three slots at the same time to hold the ingredients; whereas if you craft the Akbolto first, you will only need a total of two slots at the same time.

Also, if an ingredient is required multiple times such as dual wielding weapons, only one can be crafted in the foundry at a time. For instance, without rushing with platinum, obtaining the ingredients for the Afuris Afuris will take a minimum of 24 hours (12 hours for each Furis Furis).

Combined blueprints Edit

In this section are blueprints that require weapons as crafting ingredients (without mentioning their components). The weapons on the left side are consumed in the process of crafting the weapon on the right.

If you are wondering whether you should delete a weapon from your inventory (based on the currently known weapons available for crafting), use CTRL  + F  or   + F  to use your browser's search function to check if the weapon you wish to discard is present in the left side of this table.

The DEDualKamas Dual Kamas, Tipedo Tipedo, Bolto Bolto and Akbolto Akbolto are special cases in that they are both products and ingredients on this list; be careful not to sell any of these if you want to craft them.

Primary weapons as crafting components
Cernos Mutalist Cernos
Drakgoon Zarr
Latron Tiberon
2x Grakata Twin Grakatas (secondary)
Boltor (primary) + Kronen (melee) Boltace (melee)
Miter B + Hikou (secondary) Panthera
Secondary weapons as crafting components
Lato M Bolto
2x Bolto Akbolto
Akbolto (secondary) + Dual Skana (melee) Akjagara
Akstiletto D Aksomati
Akstiletto D Sarpa (melee)
Gammacor Heliocor (melee)
Kraken Kulstar
2x Bronco Akbronco
2x Bronco Prime Akbronco Prime
2x Cestra Dual Cestra D
2x Furis Afuris
2x Kohmak D Twin Kohmak B
2x Lex M Aklex
2x Lex Prime Aklex Prime V
2x Magnus Akmagnus
2x Vasto Akvasto
2x Viper Twin Vipers
Bolto + Viper Hystrix
Atomos (secondary) + Dual Zoren (melee) Twin Basolk (melee)
Hikou (secondary) + Miter (primary) Panthera (primary)
Kunai (secondary) + Bo (melee) Tipedo (melee)
Vasto (secondary) + Dual Skana (melee) Redeemer (melee)
2x Vasto Prime Akvasto Prime
Melee weapons as crafting components
2x Kama Dual Kamas
Dual Kamas Dual Raza D
2x Krohkur Twin Krohkur D
Bo Cadus (China Only)
Bo (melee) + Kunai (secondary) Tipedo
Tipedo Lesion
Amphis Sydon D
Ankyros Tekko
Broken War War
Furax Knux D (arch-melee)
Kogake Hirudo
Magistar Sibear
Galatine Paracesis
Nikana D Dragon Nikana
Ninkondi Shaku D
Ankyros + Dual Cleavers Ripkas
Dual Skana Dark Split-Sword D
Dual Skana (melee) + Akbolto (secondary) Akjagara (secondary)
Dual Skana (melee) + Vasto (secondary) Redeemer
Dual Zoren (melee) + Atomos (secondary) Twin Basolk
Kronen (melee) + Boltor (primary) Boltace
M Directly purchasable in the Market for credits
D Requires Clan Dojo research
B Blueprint only drops from a Boss
V Requires components which relics are vaulted/occasionally available from Baro Ki'Teer