Scattered Justice, a Syndicate Augment Mod for the Hek

Weapon Augments are mods that apply to specific weapons, frequently adding unique mechanics that change how the weapon functions. For information on the radial effects such as Justice that are added by Syndicate augment mods, please consult the Syndicate Radial Effects page.

Augment CategoriesEdit

Weapon augment mods are split into two categories: Syndicate augment mods and Arena augment mods

Syndicate augment mods are purchased from Syndicates. In order to purchase a Syndicate augment mod, the player must have reached Rank 4 with the appropriate syndicate. Purchasing a Syndicate augment mod costs 25,000 Syndicate Standing. Once purchased, Syndicate augments may be traded to other players and used regardless of Syndicate rank.

In addition to increasing the weapon's stats or giving it an additional effect, Syndicate Augments give the augmented weapon the ability to trigger a Syndicate Radial Effect when enough Affinity is earned by the weapon during a mission.

Arena augment mods are acquired from either enemies in The Index on Neptune or from defeating Kela De Thaym at Merrow, Sedna. Although Arena Augments are restricted to specific weapons and function similarly to Syndicate augments, they do not give the weapon the ability to trigger a radial effect.

Some weapon augments can be applied to multiple weapons. As a general rule, weapon variants such as Prisma or Wraith can use the same augments their base counterpart can. Gilded Truth is a specific exception, as the mod is specifically for Burston Prime and not the regular Burston. Whether or not Syndicate Weapons can use Augment mods depends on if the weapon in question has a matching Syndicate Effect. For example, the Rakta Dark Dagger can make use of Gleaming Blight as it does not have an innate Blight effect, where the Vaykor Hek cannot use Scattered Justice due to its innate Justice.

Weapon Augment ListEdit

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Name Category Source Weapon
Justice Blades Syndicate Steel Meridian Dual Cleavers
Prisma Dual Cleavers
Shattering Justice Syndicate Steel Meridian Sobek
Scattered Justice Syndicate Steel Meridian Hek
Neutralizing Justice Syndicate Steel Meridian Miter
Blade of Truth Syndicate Arbiters of Hexis Jaw Sword
Gilded Truth Syndicate Arbiters of Hexis Burston Prime
Stinging Truth Syndicate Arbiters of Hexis Viper
Avenging Truth Syndicate Arbiters of Hexis Silva & Aegis
Silva & Aegis Prime
Entropy Burst Syndicate Cephalon Suda Supra
Supra Vandal
Entropy Flight Syndicate Cephalon Suda Kestrel
Entropy Spike Syndicate Cephalon Suda Bolto
Entropy Detonation Syndicate Cephalon Suda Obex
Prisma Obex
Deadly Sequence Syndicate The Perrin Sequence Grinlok
Sequence Burn Syndicate The Perrin Sequence Spectra
Toxic Sequence Syndicate The Perrin Sequence Acrid
Voltage Sequence Syndicate The Perrin Sequence Lanka
Eroding Blight Syndicate Red Veil Embolist
Gleaming Blight Syndicate Red Veil Dark Dagger
Rakta Dark Dagger
Toxic Blight Syndicate Red Veil Mire
Stockpiled Blight Syndicate Red Veil Kunai
Bright Purity Syndicate New Loka Skana
Prisma Skana
Skana Prime
Lasting Purity Syndicate New Loka Vulkar
Vulkar Wraith
Winds of Purity Syndicate New Loka Furis
Disarming Purity Syndicate New Loka Panthera
Tether Grenades Arena The Index Penta
Secura Penta
Flux Overdrive Arena The Index Flux Rifle
Thermagnetic Shells Arena The Index Detron
Mara Detron
Static Discharge Arena The Index Prova
Prova Vandal
Kinetic Ricochet Arena The Index Tetra
Prisma Tetra
Electromagnetic Shielding Arena Kela De Thaym Ack & Brunt
Vulcan Blitz Arena Kela De Thaym Jat Kittag
Acid Shells Arena Kela De Thaym Sobek
Rift Strike Arena Kela De Thaym Twin Basolk
Nightwatch Napalm Arena Kela De Thaym Ogris
Fomorian Accelerant Arena Kela De Thaym Drakgoon
Hunter's Bonesaw Arena Kela De Thaym Ripkas