Mod TT 20px Shocking Speed, a Warframe Augment Mod for VoltIcon272 Volt.

Warframe Augment Mods are special category of mods. When installed, Warframe Augments alter a Warframe's abilities or passives to perform additional effects, enhancing or modifying that power's utility. Each Warframe Augment modifies a single specific Warframe power, and can only be equipped on the Warframe that possesses that power.

Each Syndicate offers its own set of Warframe Augment Mods, conforming to their list of favored Warframes. Each Warframe is favored by two Syndicates, who may be allied, neutral, or even opposed. In addition, the Conclave offers any Warframe Augment Mod that is allowed in PvP, regardless of Warframe. Some of these Warframe Augment Mods can only be equipped in PvP, other Conclave Augments can be used in PvE (might have tweaked effects) and can also be bought with Cred in Nightwave. Like Weapon Augment Mods, Warframe Augments can be freely traded between players after purchase, regardless of Syndicate affiliation.

Warframe Augment Mods can be acquired by reaching the highest rank with a particular syndicate, with each mod costing ReputationLarge 25,000 to purchase.

Lists of Augments[]

View PvE Augments from Syndicate Offerings List
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The following Syndicates favor particular Warframes:

Warframes Augment Mods Favored Syndicates
AshIcon272 Ash Mod TT 20px Seeking Shuriken Mod TT 20px Smoke Shadow Mod TT 20px Fatal Teleport Mod TT 20px Rising Storm ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
AtlasIcon272 Atlas Mod TT 20px Rubble Heap Mod TT 20px Path of Statues Mod TT 20px Tectonic Fracture Mod TT 20px Ore Gaze Mod TT 20px Titanic Rumbler SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
BansheeIcon272 Banshee Mod TT 20px Sonic Fracture Mod TT 20px Resonance Mod TT 20px Savage Silence Mod TT 20px Resonating Quake CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
BaruukIcon272 Baruuk Mod TT 20px Elusive Retribution Mod TT 20px Endless Lullaby Mod TT 20px Reactive Storm ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
NewLokaSigil New Loka
ChromaIcon272 Chroma Mod TT 20px Afterburn Mod TT 20px Everlasting Ward Mod TT 20px Guardian Armor Mod TT 20px Vexing Retaliation Mod TT 20px Guided Effigy CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
CitrineIcon272 Citrine Mod TT 20px Recrystalize SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
DagathIcon272 Dagath Mod TT 20px Spectral Spirit RedVeilSigil Red Veil
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
EmberIcon272 Ember Mod TT 20px Fireball Frenzy Mod TT 20px Immolated Radiance Mod TT 20px Healing Flame Mod TT 20px Exothermic SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
EquinoxIcon272 Equinox Mod TT 20px Duality Mod TT 20px Calm & Frenzy Mod TT 20px Peaceful Provocation Mod TT 20px Energy Transfer ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
NewLokaSigil New Loka
ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur Mod TT 20px Surging Dash Mod TT 20px Radiant Finish Mod TT 20px Furious Javelin Mod TT 20px Chromatic Blade ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
Excalibur UmbraIcon272 Excalibur Umbra Mod TT 20px Warrior's Rest ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
FrostIcon272 Frost Mod TT 20px Biting Frost Mod TT 20px Freeze Force Mod TT 20px Ice Wave Impedance Mod TT 20px Chilling Globe Mod TT 20px Icy Avalanche CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
GaraIcon272 Gara Mod TT 20px Shattered StormMod TT 20px Mending Splinters Mod TT 20px Spectrosiphon ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
NewLokaSigil New Loka
GarudaIcon272 Garuda Mod TT 20px Dread Ward Mod TT 20px Blood Forge Mod TT 20px Blending Talons SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
GaussIcon272 Gauss Mod TT 20px Mach Crash Mod TT 20px Thermal Transfer ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
GrendelIcon272 Grendel Mod TT 20px Gourmand Mod TT 20px Hearty Nourishment Mod TT 20px Catapult SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
GyreIcon272 Gyre Mod TT 20px Cathode Current ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
HarrowIcon272 Harrow Mod TT 20px Tribunal Mod TT 20px Warding Thurible Mod TT 20px Lasting Covenant ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
HildrynIcon272 Hildryn Mod TT 20px Balefire Surge Mod TT 20px Blazing Pillage CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
HydroidIcon272 Hydroid Mod TT 20px Corroding Barrage Mod TT 20px Tidal Impunity Mod TT 20px Rousing Plunder Mod TT 20px Pilfering Swarm CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
NewLokaSigil New Loka
InarosIcon272 Inaros Mod TT 20px Elemental Sandstorm Mod TT 20px Negation Swarm ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
IvaraIcon272 Ivara Mod TT 20px Empowered Quiver Mod TT 20px Piercing Navigator Mod TT 20px Infiltrate Mod TT 20px Concentrated Arrow CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
KhoraIcon272 Khora Mod TT 20px Accumulating Whipclaw Mod TT 20px Venari Bodyguard Mod TT 20px Pilfering Strangledome SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
KullervoIcon272 Kullervo Mod TT 20px Wrath of Ukko SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
NewLokaSigil New Loka
LavosIcon272 Lavos Mod TT 20px Valence Formation Mod TT 20px Swift Bite NewLokaSigil New Loka
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
LimboIcon272 Limbo Mod TT 20px Rift Haven Mod TT 20px Rift Torrent Mod TT 20px Cataclysmic Continuum ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
LokiIcon272 Loki Mod TT 20px Savior Decoy Mod TT 20px Hushed Invisibility Mod TT 20px Safeguard Switch Mod TT 20px Irradiating Disarm Mod TT 20px Damage Decoy ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
MagIcon272 Mag Mod TT 20px Greedy Pull Mod TT 20px Magnetized Discharge Mod TT 20px Counter Pulse Mod TT 20px Fracturing Crush NewLokaSigil New Loka
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
MesaIcon272 Mesa Mod TT 20px Ballistic Bullseye Mod TT 20px Muzzle Flash Mod TT 20px Staggering Shield Mod TT 20px Mesa's Waltz SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
MirageIcon272 Mirage Mod TT 20px Hall of Malevolence Mod TT 20px Explosive Legerdemain Mod TT 20px Total Eclipse ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
NekrosIcon272 Nekros Mod TT 20px Soul Survivor Mod TT 20px Creeping Terrify Mod TT 20px Despoil Mod TT 20px Shield of Shadows RedVeilSigil Red Veil
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
NezhaIcon272 Nezha Mod TT 20px Pyroclastic Flow Mod TT 20px Reaping Chakram Mod TT 20px Safeguard Mod TT 20px Controlled Slide Mod TT 20px Divine Retribution CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
NidusIcon272 Nidus Mod TT 20px Abundant Mutation Mod TT 20px Teeming Virulence Mod TT 20px Larva Burst Mod TT 20px Parasitic Vitality Mod TT 20px Insatiable SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
NovaIcon272 Nova Mod TT 20px Neutron Star Mod TT 20px Antimatter Absorb Mod TT 20px Escape Velocity Mod TT 20px Molecular Fission CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
NyxIcon272 Nyx Mod TT 20px Mind Freak Mod TT 20px Pacifying Bolts Mod TT 20px Chaos Sphere Mod TT 20px Assimilate ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
NewLokaSigil New Loka
OberonIcon272 Oberon Mod TT 20px Smite Infusion Mod TT 20px Hallowed Eruption Mod TT 20px Phoenix Renewal Mod TT 20px Hallowed Reckoning SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
NewLokaSigil New Loka
OctaviaIcon272 Octavia Mod TT 20px Partitioned Mallet Mod TT 20px Conductor CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
NewLokaSigil New Loka
ProteaIcon272 Protea Mod TT 20px Repair Dispensary Mod TT 20px Temporal Artillery ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
QorvexIcon272 Qorvex Mod TT 20px Wrecking Wall CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RevenantIcon272 Revenant Mod TT 20px Thrall Pact Mod TT 20px Mesmer Shield Mod TT 20px Blinding Reave CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
RhinoIcon272 Rhino Mod TT 20px Ironclad Charge Mod TT 20px Iron Shrapnel Mod TT 20px Piercing Roar Mod TT 20px Reinforcing Stomp SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
SarynIcon272 Saryn Mod TT 20px Revealing Spores Mod TT 20px Venom Dose Mod TT 20px Regenerative Molt Mod TT 20px Contagion Cloud SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
SevagothIcon272 Sevagoth Mod TT 20px Shadow Haze Mod TT 20px Dark Propagation CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
StyanaxIcon272 Styanax Mod TT 20px Axios Javelineers Mod TT 20px Intrepid Stand ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
NewLokaSigil New Loka
TitaniaIcon272 Titania Mod TT 20px Spellbound Harvest Mod TT 20px Beguiling Lantern Mod TT 20px Razorwing Blitz Mod TT 20px Ironclad Flight RedVeilSigil Red Veil
NewLokaSigil New Loka
TrinityIcon272 Trinity Mod TT 20px Pool of Life Mod TT 20px Vampire Leech Mod TT 20px Abating Link Mod TT 20px Champion's Blessing NewLokaSigil New Loka
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr Mod TT 20px Swing Line Mod TT 20px Eternal War Mod TT 20px Prolonged Paralysis Mod TT 20px Enraged Mod TT 20px Hysterical Assault NewLokaSigil New Loka
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
VaubanIcon272 Vauban Mod TT 20px Tesla Bank Mod TT 20px Photon Repeater Mod TT 20px Repelling Bastille CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
PerrinSequenceSigil The Perrin Sequence
VoltIcon272 Volt Mod TT 20px Shock Trooper Mod TT 20px Shocking Speed Mod TT 20px Transistor Shield Mod TT 20px Capacitance ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
VorunaIcon272 Voruna Mod TT 20px Ulfrun's Endurance SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
RedVeilSigil Red Veil
WispIcon272 Wisp Mod TT 20px Fused Reservoir Mod TT 20px Critical Surge CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
NewLokaSigil New Loka
WukongIcon272 Wukong Mod TT 20px Celestial Stomp Mod TT 20px Enveloping Cloud Mod TT 20px Primal Rage ArbitersofHexisSigil Arbiters of Hexis
NewLokaSigil New Loka
XakuIcon272 Xaku Mod TT 20px Vampiric Grasp Mod TT 20px The Relentless Lost CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
SteelMeridianSigil Steel Meridian
YareliIcon272 Yareli Mod TT 20px Merulina Guardian Mod TT 20px Loyal Merulina Mod TT 20px Surging Blades CephalonSudaSigil Cephalon Suda
NewLokaSigil New Loka
ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr Mod TT 20px Target Fixation Mod TT 20px Airburst Rounds Mod TT 20px Jet Stream Mod TT 20px Funnel Clouds Mod TT 20px Anchored Glide RedVeilSigil Red Veil
NewLokaSigil New Loka
View PvP/PvE Augments from Conclave Offerings and Nightwave List
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Warframes Augment Mods
AtlasIcon272 Atlas
ChromaIcon272 Chroma
EmberIcon272 Ember
EquinoxIcon272 Equinox
ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur
FrostIcon272 Frost
IvaraIcon272 Ivara
LokiIcon272 Loki
MagIcon272 Mag
MesaIcon272 Mesa
MirageIcon272 Mirage
NekrosIcon272 Nekros
NezhaIcon272 Nezha
NovaIcon272 Nova
NyxIcon272 Nyx
OberonIcon272 Oberon
RhinoIcon272 Rhino
ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr
VoltIcon272 Volt


  • Warframe Augment Mods can be used on Prime and Umbra versions of the Warframes where applicable.
  • Only one augment of an ability can be equipped at a time. For example, LokiIcon272 Loki's Decoy130xWhite Decoy can only equip one of the following: Mod TT 20px Damage Decoy, Mod TT 20px Deceptive Bond, or Mod TT 20px Savior Decoy.
  • Helminth abilities that possess an augment can be equipped when subsumed onto another Warframe. Likewise, augments related to the replaced ability can no longer be equipped. For example, Shuriken130xWhite Shuriken is subsumed onto ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur's SlashDash130xWhite Slash Dash; Excalibur can now equip Mod TT 20px Seeking Shuriken, but can no longer equip Mod TT 20px Purging Slash or Mod TT 20px Surging Dash.
  • There are 3 groups of syndicates that each consist of syndicates that are all non-hostile towards each other, which means you can be boosting relations with all syndicates within a group in parallel without losing standing with any other syndicate within the group:
  • Further, each of the 2 bigger groups can be expanded by one additional syndicate that while cannot be farmed directly and will be hampered by 2 of the 3 core group members, nevertheless can be slowly farmed as an ally of 1 of the 3 core group members:
    • New Loka, The Perrin Sequence, Red Veil adds Steel Meridian as a catching-up syndicate (indirectly farmable via Red Veil).
      • If you choose this group of syndicates you cannot get Rank 5 Warframe augment mods for LimboIcon272 Limbo and MirageIcon272 Mirage.
      • You can however get Rank 5 Warframe augments for ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur, FrostIcon272 Frost, NezhaIcon272 Nezha, NovaIcon272 Nova and XakuIcon272 Xaku from Steel Meridian, the catching up syndicate.
    • Arbiters of Hexis, Cephalon Suda, Steel Meridian adds Red Veil as a catching-up syndicate (indirectly farmable via Steel Meridian).
      • If you choose this group of syndicates you cannot get Rank 5 Warframe augment mods for MagIcon272 Mag, TrinityIcon272 Trinity, and ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr.
      • You can however get Rank 5 Warframe augments for NekrosIcon272 Nekros, ZephyrIcon272 Zephyr, and TitaniaIcon272 Titania from Red Veil, the catching up syndicate.

Patch History[]

Update 27.4 (2020-05-01)

Conclave Mods Converted to PVE

The following Conclave Mods have been converted/balanced to PvE Mods! If you already own these Mods they will automatically be available in your Arsenal. You can still obtain these Mods via Conclave, but will also be added to Nightwave Series 3: Glassmaker Cred Offerings.

Warframe PVP to PVE Mods (listed at max Rank):

  • Rumbled (Atlas, Rumblers Augment): Atlas becomes a Rumbler with Rock Armor that can absorb up to 300% of max Health worth of Damage.
    • Please note that this Augment did not convert correctly and we will be fixing it in a near Hotfix!
  • Prism Guard (Mirage, Prism Augment): Prism follows above Mirage. Duration changed to 4s.
  • Purifying Flames (Ember, Fire Blast Augment): Allies hit by the expanding ring of fire will be granted 4s of Status immunity.
  • Power of Three (Ivara, Quiver Augment): Quiver fires three arrows and consumes 20 more Energy.
  • Deceptive Bond (Loki, Decoy Augment): 50% of damage Loki takes is transferred to Decoy, and vice versa.
  • Singularity (Nyx, Absorb Augment): Create a ring every 3s that drags in enemies at 15m/s.
  • Recharge Barrier (Volt, Electric Shield Augment): Allies that pass through have 35% Shields restored.
  • Purging Slash (Excalibur, Slash Dash Augment): Allies in the path of Slash Dash have 4 debuffs removed and 100% Shields restored.

Update 15.0 (2014-10-24)

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 29.0.5 (2020-08-28)

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