There may be times where a specific tooltip or tooltip type needs to be updated on the wiki, whether it may be the contents within those tooltips or how said tooltip is formatted. The main module that builds these tooltips is Module:Tooltips and the client-side script that allows this custom tooltip functionality for readers is on https://dev.fandom.com/wiki/Tooltips and MediaWiki:Tooltips.js, imported through MediaWiki:ImportJS.

Updating Values[]

Specific values displayed in tooltips can be updated in the appropriate database. See WARFRAME Wiki:Updating Databases for more details. Note that some values may be derived from other data stored in these databases so there may not be an exact one-to-one mapping between the contents shown in tooltips and the stored data. Use your best judgement when updating these databases; it should be obvious to new editors which values to update by reading the documentation and aptly named identifier keys.

Updating Formatting[]

If you want to update how a specific type of tooltip is formatted, you can do so in Module:Tooltips/tip. Tooltips use wikitext to define their formatting.

Changing Data Source[]

If you want to change what module/database that a tooltip sources its information from, you can do so in Module:Tooltips/icon.

Adding New Tooltip Types[]

New tooltip types can have its formatting defined in Module:Tooltips/tip and data source definition in Module:Tooltips/icon. Exported Lua tables in both modules must have the same key names, otherwise a tooltip may not know how to map formatting definitions to its data definitions and vice versa.

Defining New Data Source[]

All user-facing databases on the wiki will typically have data stored under a named table (a "collection") that will need to be included as well as the full title of the database (i.e. including namespace and subpage like "Module:Weapons/data"). See Module:Tooltips/icon for more details and existing data mappings.

Defining New Tooltip Type Formatting[]

Tooltip formatting is defined in wikitext. Data used to display content within these tooltips will use data entries pulled from databases defined in Module:Tooltips/icon. Users will ultimately pass in a (localized) item name which will serve as an index to the corresponding data entry in the database mapped to the specific tooltip type. See the respective database as mapped by the editor for key-value pairs that can be used/displayed to readers.

New Tooltip Template[]

Create a new appropriately named template that invokes the tooltip builder function in Module:Tooltips (full()), passing in the name of the tooltip as seen in both Module:Tooltips/tip and Module:Tooltips/icon. Example template contents:


List of Tooltip Templates[]