There may be times where an infobox needs to be updated on the wiki, whether it may be the contents within those infoboxes or how said content is formatted.

Updating Values[]

Specific values displayed in infoboxes can be updated in the appropriate database. See WARFRAME Wiki:Updating Databases for more details. Note that some values may be derived from other data stored in these databases so there may not be an exact one-to-one mapping between the contents shown in infoboxes and the stored data. Use your best judgement when updating these databases; new editors should read the documentation and aptly named identifier keys to determine which values to update.

Updating Formatting[]

If you want to update how a specific type of infobox is formatted, you can do so in the appropriate module's subpage or template. All infoboxes built in Lua are inherited from the base module Module:InfoboxBuilder with support for message localization.

When adding a new row for a field, ensure that the row name is localized or present in Special:BlankPage/I18nEdit. See https://dev.fandom.com/wiki/I18nEdit for documentation on how some script messages are localized.

For help on using infobox tags, see Help:Infoboxes.

See #List of Infobox Templates for a list of infobox templates and subpages.

Infobox Design Rationale[]

Our infobox templates roughly follow how game objects are categorized in-game. A particular game object can fall under multiple categories, thus may have attributes that is only relevant to the game object in a certain category. Almost all game objects can be defined as having a parent category called Item, representing the base object for inheritance.

Example Category Hierarchy
/Lotus/Types/Game/PowerSuit (Powersuit) /Lotus/Types/Game/LotusArtifactUpgrade /Lotus/Types/Game/BaseCosmeticEnhancer (Arcane Enhancement) /Lotus/Types/Game/VoidProjectionItem (Void Relic) /Lotus/Types/Items/MiscItems/MiscItemBase
/Lotus/Types/Game/PowerSuits/PlayerPowerSuit (Warframe) /Lotus/Powersuits/Vehicles/BaseVehiclePowerSuit (Vehicle) /Lotus/Types/Game/LotusArtifactUpgrades/BaseArtifactUpgrade (Mod) /Lotus/Types/Game/WarframeCosmeticEnhancer (Warframe Arcane) /Lotus/Types/Game/OperatorCosmeticEnhancer (Operator Arcane) /Lotus/Types/Game/Projections/T4VoidProjection (Axi Relic) /Lotus/Types/Items/MiscItems/ResourceItem (Resource)
/Lotus/Powersuits/EntratiMech/BaseMechSuit (Necramech) /Lotus/Types/Items/Gems/GemItem (Mining Resource)

For example, a particular Warframe is both an Item and a Warframe type (/Lotus/Types/Game/PowerSuits/PlayerPowerSuit). Readers may only want to know some attributes relevant to the Warframe as an Item so an Item infobox (e.g. Template:ItemInfobox) will display certain information (e.g. when it was introduced to the game, localized name in different languages). Likewise, a Warframe infobox (e.g. Template:Warframe) will only show information relevant to a Warframe as a playable character (e.g. character stats and abilities).

For the sake of maintenance and re-usability, the wiki will not have infobox templates for each individual game object (e.g. instead of a ExcaliburIcon272 Excalibur template and a RhinoIcon272 Rhino template, have a single Template:Warframe and add their associated information). On these game object's articles, please use the infobox template with information that is most relevant to the reader.

List of Infobox Templates[]

List of Lua Infobox Builders[]