The following article is part of WARFRAME Wiki's policy.
For any inquiries, please consult an Administrator or Moderator.

Talk pages and the comments section are both essential tools for communication in this wiki, so please do not abuse them. They are actively moderated and all inappropriate comments are subjected for removal.

  • Talk Pages are used for discussing the page itself in terms for formatting, maintenance, and any major changes that require administrators' and editors' attention. User's profile pages and message wall also belong in this category.
  • Comments are used for anything else, such as minor format suggestions, constructive criticisms and other interactions between contributors. They can be found on the bottom of any page.
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General Rules and Guidelines

  • Please do not spam, beg for in-game items, write in all caps, insert inappropriate text, or criticize in an intimidating and harrassing manner.
  • Hate speech is not tolerated, both explicit and implicit. Avoid using slurs and making racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist, and any discriminatory/bigoted comments.
  • Keep political and current world news discussion to a minimum.
  • Show respect to yourself and others. There are real people behind these accounts and we all want to treated fairly and seriously. There can be productive conversations without resulting to personal attacks.
  • Avoid escalating heated discussions. If commenters cannot find a common ground after extensive discussion, remove yourself gracefully from the conversation.
  • All Trading requests and Clan recruitment must be directed to their forum threads Board:Trading and Board:Clan Recruitment respectively.
  • Be mindful that English may not be a commenter's native language, so avoid mocking them or excessively correct their errors ("grammar policing"). Make an effort in understanding their comments before making a productive reply.
  • Do not post links to non-WARFRAME related sites or content.
  • Avoid doxxing yourself or others for the safety of both parties.
  • Administrators and Moderators will use their best judgment when abiding by these rules and guidelines. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact them through the wiki or the wiki's Discord channel.

Using Talk Page

The Talk Page can either be accessed via the "Talk" button beside the "Edit" button on pages that do not have a comment section available, or by typing "Talk:" before the page name in the URL, such as Talk:WARFRAME_Wiki. In there simply switch to Source Mode and type your suggestion/opinion below the existing text. After that, please sign your post by typing ~~~~ at the end of your post, it will automatically produce your username and sign date upon publishing.

Assume Good Faith

Main article: wikia:Help:Assume good faith

Assume good faith basically means editors should assume every contribution is made with good intentions, and fellow contributors are allies, not enemies. If editors disagree with an edit, they should approach the contributor via the comments or personal messages in a polite and civilized manner, and consult an administrator if assistance is required. Intimidating behavior is not tolerated at any time.