This article serves to list out methods readers can use to reduce or remove advertisements and trackers on Fandom wikis. Any third-party tools and websites mentioned on this page are not endorsed by the wiki or Fandom so use at your own risk.

Ad Blockers[]

Ad blocking software can be installed as a browser extension or as a feature to your web browser.

It is known that Chromium (and subsequently most Chromium-based browsers) is updating their browser extensions platform to "Manifest V3" which may affect how extensions interface with inbound and outbound network requests from your browser (even possibly on non-Chromium-based browsers because of cross-platform compatibility).[1][2][3][4] Browser extensions running on the old "Manifest V2" will be unsupported by most vendors in January 2023.[5][6]

As of 03:39, 3 March 2023 (UTC), Manifest V2 depreciation timelines have been postponed until further notice.

As of 23:15, 1 May 2024 (UTC), Google presented the following Manifest V2 depreciation rollout timeline:[7][8]

June 2024: Chrome MV2 deprecation pre-stable rollout
We will begin disabling Manifest V2 extensions in pre-stable versions of Chrome (Dev, Canary, and Beta) as early as June 2024, in Chrome 127 and later. Users impacted by the rollout will see Manifest V2 extensions automatically disabled in their browser and will no longer be able to install Manifest V2 extensions from the Chrome Web Store. Also in June 2024, Manifest V2 extensions will lose their Featured badge in the Chrome Web Store if they currently have one. [...]

June 2024 + 1-X months: Chrome MV2 deprecation stable rollout

June 2025: Chrome MV2 deprecation enterprise rollout

Browser extensions:


  • Firefox (all platforms, non-Chromium-based)
  • Brave (all platforms, Chromium-based)
  • Opera (all platforms, Chromium-based)
  • Orion (macOS and iOS only as of 2024-06-02)

Logged-In Fandom Account[]

Close to 99% of the traffic to Fandom sites are from non-logged-in users which is why Fandom has opted to allow logged-in accounts to reduce ads via their settings to improve their editing experience (Special:Preferences > "User profile" > "Appearance" section > "Ads" dropdown menu). Direct link: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-personal.

Logged-in users can also customize the wiki's skin and reading experience (for this wiki specifically or all Fandom wikis) through their personal CSS and JS subpages. See Help:Personal CSS and JS for more details.

Example of Ad-removing CSS[]

For any of those wishing to simply drop in the code to remove many (if not all) of the ad elements across Fandom, add the following to either your Global CSS page (will apply to all Fandom wikis) or your Personal CSS page (for this Fandom wiki only):

/* hiding most ads */
.page-share-container   {
    display:none !important;

Note, testing still to be done to verify full ad removal on mobile versions and the mobile app.

Other Custom Spreadsheets[]

Fandom Mobile App[]

The free official Fandom mobile app will have reduced ads and is optimized for mobile readers.

Reader Mode[]

Most desktop and mobile browsers have a web accessibility feature called "Reader Mode" that strips custom stylesheets and scripts from the text content so that readers have an unimpeded and simplified reading experience.

Disabling JavaScript and Client-Side Scripts[]

Readers can disable site-wide scripts via their browser settings or through browser extensions. As a disclaimer, this may cause some interactive elements on the wiki to break (such as Template:Countdown and MediaWiki:Countdown.js for countdown timers).

Browser extensions:

Archival Sites[]

If you know the URL of the article you want to read (e.g. in the form of https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/<article_name>), then you view the page on web archival sites such as Internet Archive (https://archive.org/).

Text-Based Browsers[]

Text-based web browsers renders only text content of webpages to reduce bandwidth and decrease load times.

MediaWiki Action API[]

There are methods to fetch raw article content using MediaWiki's Action API. The API entrypoint for this wiki is: https://warframe.fandom.com/api.php

See Special:ApiSandbox for an interactive endpoint builder for this API.

Alternative Front-ends[]

Alternative front-ends to Fandom wikis include:


Most VPNs should have some sort of ad-blocking as a premium feature. It is also known that some countries have local laws that prohibit or limit certain forms of online advertisement (e.g. gambling) which may affect Fandom's internal advertising policy on a country-to-country basis.

Firewalls and Proxy Servers[]

If readers are network-savvy enough, they could set up a local firewall or a proxy server to filter out domains/IPs related to advertising and tracking.

Pi-hole is one tool that can be set up as a DNS server for this purpose:

Domain blacklists:

Forks and Mirrors[]

Main article: WARFRAME Wiki:Wiki Forks and Mirrors

Offline Reading[]

Readers can download articles for offline reading. There are many methods to do this:

  • Oppido, Luigi; Levine, Nicole (2022, May 25). How to Save a Webpage. wikiHow. Accessed 2022-08-04. Archived from the original on 2022-08-04.
  • If you are logged in, there should be a "Printable version" link on the right rail, under "Page Tools".
  • Download an archive dump of the wiki's content on Special:Statistics or Special:Export and read the contents via a third-party program like Kiwix.

Fandom Advertising Blogs[]

Historical blog posts by Fandom/Wikia staff on the topic of advertising and monetization for reference:


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