Formalization of the WARFRAME Wiki's project vision and scope. The WARFRAME Wiki project encompasses most if not everything within the warframe.fandom.com domain.

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Project Vision[]

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Welcome to the WARFRAME Wiki, a completely player-supported encyclopedia about the game WARFRAME. Our purpose is to create the most complete database about the game on everything ranging from gameplay explanations, weapon statistics, combat mechanics, to the titular Warframes and the background lore of the WARFRAME universe.

The wiki is maintained by countless active players and fans from around the world and we welcome anyone to join our community, share your knowledge, and make this wiki a better place. New editors are encouraged to take note of our Policies or contact an Administrator or Moderator for any questions regarding the wiki. A great place to start helping is to look into our current site-wide Projects for needed edits and contributions. Volunteer developers and researchers are always welcomed!

As Digital Extremes does not actively engage with the activity on this wiki, users are encouraged to post feedback, bug reports, or suggestions to the official Warframe website and its support page.

Project Scope[]

The WARFRAME Wiki is...[]

In no particular order, the WARFRAME Wiki is:

  • A database that stores open data about the WARFRAME game's historical and current content
  • A medium for user-generated content on documenting WARFRAME's past and current features and content
  • A community for sharing tips and feedback on game interactions and mechanics
  • A collaborative space for players to improve others' game knowledge and to educate peers
  • An open-sourced repository for Lua and JavaScript scripts that are used to maintain the wiki
  • A repository of WARFRAME's image assets for non-commercial use
  • A space for diversity and the inclusivity of people of all backgrounds
  • An environment that does not foster hate or discrimination
  • An objective source for information about WARFRAME (or at least tries to be, leniency required on Tips and Trivia section on articles as well as lore content)
  • A medium for accountability and upholding the game's integrity through documenting past and future promises as well as current established norms and rules.
  • A moderated site with content auditing and trimming for timeliness, accuracy, and succinctness so readers can find the information they need
  • A reflection of the WARFRAME community's evolving desires and needs regarding in-game
  • A freely accessible resource to view and to edit under Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic
  • An educational resource into WARFRAME's development
  • A well-documented resource on how to maintain, develop, and moderate gaming wikis (see Template:PolicyNav)
  • A repository of historical patch notes and changes for a specific item, piece of content, and mechanic for transparency and accountability
  • A family of syndicate wikis under the same domain. Each wiki is localized in a single language, has their own code repository, and is operated independently by their own volunteer administrators and moderators.
  • A MediaWiki-based wiki built on top of the Fandom platform as well as hosted by Fandom.

The WARFRAME Wiki is not...[]

In no particular order, the WARFRAME Wiki is not:

  • A site for non-WARFRAME-related content. Content on Digital Extremes' other games are also prohibited.
  • A loadout build maker or theorycrafting site, though readers are free to share their own builds in non-article spaces
  • 100% accurate, though the wiki strives to provide timely and accurate information based on players' current knowledge of the game in an objective matter
  • Owned by any one particular person or entity, despite being on the Fandom platform and with Digital Extremes employees as bureaucrats
  • An open forum for unregulated free speech
  • A forum to spread unchecked misinformation, disinformation, and propaganda
  • A site for explicit promotion and advertising outside of Fandom's adspace. Any commercial details regarding WARFRAME are allowed as long as they are written in a neutral standpoint for the sake of informing.
  • A guide on how to play WARFRAME and its content
  • A personal site for storing assets, fanfiction, and other unrelated content
  • A dictionary on WARFRAME player-made terms or game development lingo; definitions should be defined in Glossary instead
  • A place for documenting speculative, leaked, and unreleased content (unless otherwise specified by Digital Extremes employees)
  • A simplified interpretation or summarization of WARFRAME's gameplay content and mechanics. Lore summarizations are allowed as long as they are sourced properly or is based on commonly accepted interpretation.
  • A replacement for social media; keep personal conversations away from wiki comments and direct messages
  • A site that rehosts, copies, or plagiarizes content from other sites or original authors
    • An original source with proper crediting should always be provided in the case content is derived from someone else's work
    • Embedding third-party content is okay as long as original author is accessible
    • Rare exceptions of directly copied content include: official patch notes from the official forums on Update articles w/ some modifications, some Devstream summaries, and direct quotes from official sources
    • If you want to archive webpage content, please use https://archive.org/ instead of using the wiki to rehost text/images
  • A site to document narrative analysis of WARFRAME's lore, story, environment, and characters. Some high-level interpretations and analysis are accepted within Trivia sections of wiki articles, but no essays or long-form content regarding in-depth analysis should be present on articles. User blogs are an acceptable medium for this type of content however.
  • A repository for code that has no purpose on the wiki (e.g. do not use the wiki as free hosting for your "Hello World" program)
  • A repository for storing WARFRAME's source code. Data schemas for publicly available APIs are allowed however.
  • A code dependency to rely on for third-party use, especially as a mission critical component to system. Any scripts written on this wiki is meant for this wiki only and is subject to change without warning. The wiki does not guarantee any functionality of these scripts and accuracy of data outside of its use on the wiki.
  • A Wikipedia-like wiki, meaning it is not as strict, bureaucratic, formal, or as heavily enforced
  • A wiki on the WARFRAME community itself. The wiki reflects the community's in-game needs but does not typically cover things outside of in-game like specific members of the community or community-lead events.
  • A wiki on different WARFRAME clients/versions developed by developers other than Digital Extremes. The wiki may cover some important China-exclusive content like Excalibur Umbra Prime, but it should not contain everything exclusive/different about these versions. The scope of this wiki is on the English global client of WARFRAME with additional details on localization of content in other languages.
  • A "design bible" of WARFRAME, documenting core gameplay, art, and lore design that make up the foundations and aesthetics of the game.