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This page is dedicated to the policies of WARFRAME Wiki. By using this wiki, which includes viewing or accessing the contents of this site, all users agree and follow these policies to ensure consistency in content and to protect existing contributors and contributions.

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General Policies

  • Vandalism, vulgar language and linking to irrelevant websites are strictly prohibited. Offenders will be banned and their edits removed.
  • Avoid edit wars. If your edits are being reverted persistently and you feel the content should/shouldn't be there, please address it in the comment section, talk directly to the offendant, or consult an Administrator. Keep in mind that this Wiki is opened for the public, and no editors will be punished for editing in good faith.
  • This wiki is a public encyclopedia. Contributions are appreciated, but editors must understand that everything contributed will become available to the public and credits will not be distributed. Therefore, no edits (except Talk pages) shall be signed. Credits are only given in the history page of every page, where the list of contributors can be found.
  • This wiki caters to global build. Whilst some information regarding contents in alternative builds such as WARFRAME (China) will be covered, this wiki is primarily catered towards the global build and cannot guarantee absolute accuracy and therefore should not be used to refer the exclusive contents in other builds. Communicating, discussing with community members in other languages or other builds is fine though we prefer you use English. However, content in articles, forums and blogs must be edited in American English (few exceptions include topics such as localization, transcriptions, and etymology).
  • Many pages are protected. This may be due to excessive vandalism or the page consisting complex coding. If you come across these pages, you will likely need a Fandom account, then you will need to wait for 4 days and make at least 10 edits to un-protected pages. If you still cannot make an edit, it is likely Administrator locked and you will need to contact an Administrator about any edits to that page.
  • Avoid off-topic content. Users are welcome to use clan recruitment board to recruit members and trading board to trade, buy, or sell items. Comments that are otherwise not in this exclusive section will be deleted; If a user account has been created by the poster they will be issued a friendly warning and be redirected to this section. A second offense will result in a minor temporary ban from the Wiki.

Content Policies

Community Policies

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