User onboarding on editing and maintaining this wiki. New and returning contributors may be unfamiliar with the demeanor involved in wiki editing as well as the technical side of wikis (e.g. wikitext syntax, templates, modules, etc.). This article serves as a link repository to well established resources on important wiki editing topics and open source contribution. Feel free to ask wiki admins or other editors for any questions about wiki editing.

Code of Conduct[]

Convention and Styling[]

This is ensure consistency of formatting and presentation across wiki articles:

Wikitext Markup[]

Lua Module Development[]

JavaScript Script Development[]

Information Sourcing[]

Content Localization[]

Web Accessibility[]

Moderation and Maintenance[]

Bots and Automation[]

Trust and Safety[]

Trust and Safety refers to a team that is involved with protecting users from harmful content and actions. They are typically involved in enforcing Fandom's content policies, ensure compliance with data protection/privacy laws, conduct investigations on safety violations by reported individuals, and auditing custom JS scripts before approval.

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