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Images and videos are always welcomed in this Wiki. This article consists of guidelines regarding everything about contributing media.

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General Guidelines

  • Chat. Try to refrain from including in-game chat within submitted images and animations whenever possible.
  • Disabling HUD. The HUD can be easily disabled through the Settings menu in-game and is generally preferred for capturing screenshots in-game. Use Captura as a tool for taking high quality in-game screenshots in a controlled environment.
  • Watermarks. Watermarks are not for displaying image authors nor to advertise domains, images and videos preferred without watermarking if possible.
  • Impersonal Captions. Please refrain from adding captions toward images/animations, image descriptions can be added after the image link if necessary.
  • Source Mode. Editing in VisualEditor will create unnecessary formatting and ideally should be avoided.

Naming Convention

For ease of editing and consistency, any media uploaded to the wiki (outside of YouTube videos, those should preferably be embedded using Template:YouTube instead of uploading them) should follow this naming convention:

  • Official image assets ripped from the game, obtained through Public Export, or provided directly by Digital Extremes should use CamelCasing using the English localized name of the item. Please do not use developer code names when naming these images. Images should be in PNG format.
    • Exceptions include item names with "Ki'Teer". In-game, these items are shown to players as "Ki'teer" while Public Export stores them as "Ki'Teer". Either localization is fine, but "Ki'Teer" is preferred since in real life most names with apostrophes capitalize both terms.
      • Another exception is "Red/white/blue" color palette which uses File:RedWhiteBlue.png file name since forward slashes cannot be in file names.
    • In cases where there are multiple assets (official or unofficial) of a specific item (like most Warframes), have the "main" asset be named normally with derivative assets have additional text appended to their file name.
    • In cases where there are multiple items that share the same name like Scorch and Scorch (Mod), have the oldest item's asset be named normally with later items have additional text appended to their file name.
      • For example:
    • Full mod images are an exception. The actual mod image (the one without text) should be named normally in CamelCasing, but full mod images should have "Mod" appended to the name.
  • Official audio ripped from the game should keep their original code name if possible. However, recorded in-game audio should still use CamelCasing but can be named whether is appropriate. Audio should be in .ogg format.
    • For example, for the first line of dialogue in The New Strange quest, File:SimarisQuestStart.ogg is the name of the recorded in-game audio while File:DDQQuestStart0070Smrs_en.ogg is the name of the ripped audio.
    • Uploading ripped audio should follow WARFRAME's Music Policy.
    • By keeping DE's naming scheme, it should future-proof from any file naming issues with wiki files; standardizes tracking of audio changes, usage and context, and dialogue speaker; and opens up the possibility of uploading audio localization if DE decides to go that route in the far future.
  • User-contributed images and videos can use whatever naming convention as long as their names are descriptive about the content they represent and do not conflict with file names of official assets.
    • For example, do not name images with a bunch of random text like "Xb12df.png".

Image Guidelines

  • High resolution preferred. Good in-game screenshots should be shown in high detail with high anti-aliasing to reduce jagged edges.
  • .png format preferred. .jpg and .jpeg files often become over excessively compressed or suffer from additional compressing within thumb tags.
  • Official assets should not be modified and are to be uploaded as is. However, it is okay to rename these images to match the wiki's file naming conventions. Note that official assets should be 512x512 px in size.
  • Flat in-game icons must be in white. This is for consistency so we know what media can be inverted to display well on both light and dark site themes. Most of flat-colored icons that are sourced from Public Export or directly from the developers are in white anyways.
  • No AI-generated images or media in place of game assets. Please source from official channels or in-game screenshots to prevent misinformation. However, reasonable AI-upscaling or AI-downscaling of media is okay.
  • Media is subjected to deletion if they do not follow these guidelines.

Due to the wide variety of content required for this Wiki, such as blogs, pages, profiles, and clan list etc, editors are free to upload any kinds of pictures to the Wiki, and the rules regarding what to upload will not be strictly enforced. However, uploading vulgar, pornographic, copyrighted and otherwise illegal media is strictly prohibited. Offenders will be banned and their contributions deleted.

Video Guidelines

  • Timely and Relevant. Avoid linking videos that cover outdated topics or irrelevant content.
  • Personally created videos are permitted. As long as it is strictly informational and covers WARFRAME content only with no advertisements and third-party promotions within the video.
  • Must be in English and support English subtitles. Since this wiki supports an international audience, commentary in videos must be in English and the video should support English subtitles (auto-generated or not).
  • Media is subjected to deletion if they do not follow these guidelines.

Users can add YouTube videos to the wiki by clicking on the add video icon in the top right corner and providing the link to the desired video. If using SourceEditor, videos can be added onto pages using [[File:<video name>]] syntax on articles.

Alternatively, as of September 2021, users can now embed YouTube videos onto wiki pages by using the {{YouTube}} template thanks to Fandom's official support for the EmbedVideo extension. See the linked pages for more information on how to embed videos.

Please only put videos below the Media sections on articles. Be wary that your videos may be removed if they are irrelevant to the current build of the game.

Audio Guidelines

  • Clear and Audible. Please avoid unnecessary noises such as sound effects, music or ambient noise.
  • Only .ogg files. .ogg is a compressed audio format that allows for smaller file sizes while retaining quality. Other audio formats may not be good for user experience on low bandwidth connections.
  • Media is subjected to deletion if they do not follow these guidelines.

Occasionally, often during Events or special Operations, audio files are recorded directly from the game and uploaded to the Wiki to be used in 'Quotes' tabs. They are uploaded in the same way that images are uploaded, and the Wiki will automatically recognize it as an audio file and not a picture. Always refer to an Admin before capturing or uploading any audio files to the wiki, and always check if the file does not already exist on the character's quote tab or page.

Audio files can be added using the wikitext {{Audio|Sample.ogg}}. See {{Audio}} for more documentation.

Animation Guidelines

  • Format. Fandom will accept both .gif and .ogv files, if a .gif is unable to fully display its contents or exceeds file size limitations, .ogv formatting will be preferred.
    • .ogv's will not render thumbnails but support video on demand instead.

Before Uploading

Editors are welcome to upload images for both content or showcase use. Apart from following the Basic Guidelines, editors must ensure that there are no existing pictures on the same subject already to prevent image duplication.

During game updates, the developers often provide us with original versions of in-game images. These images are generally preferred over screenshots; so when uploading an image to be used as the game image for the weapon, Warframe, etc, you should be aware that your photo may be replaced down the line.

Every image uploaded should be added to the related page as soon as possible. Stray images with no page association will be marked for deletion as a warning and deleted shortly after.

Adding photos to the media section also requires an understanding of what the media section is for. It is to display relevant images to the content it is hosted on, usually in the form of user screenshots or official DE teasers or images. This section is not for content that is non-existent in the game, including fan art or concepts. Media sections of articles are also not to be used as 'fashion shows'; that is, uploading multiple versions of a similar photo in order to showcase different viewpoints or color combinations.

During Upload

Editors can upload pictures and videos by clicking the Contribute button on the top right corner of any page. As stated in the Basic Guidelines, .png files are preferred for image files due to quality issues in image compression.


Mod image contributions should not be skewed and should use maxed mods only.

How to Contribute

Depending on the purpose of upload, media should be added to different part of the page.

  • If your uploaded media refers to a specific line of text in an article, make sure to add it next to the related text. These images are for informational and formal use only. Humor is not tolerated.
  • For any media that serves for showcasing or clarifying an article, make sure to add it in the Media section, which is often located at the bottom of the page.
  • If your uploaded image is a candidate for a profile picture of a specific weapon, it must be in .png file format and properly cropped to the weapon itself. They are usually provided by the developer and screenshot images are usually unnecessary. They should be added to the attached template in the target page.
  • If your uploaded image is a candidate for a profile picture of a specific unit, it must follow the screenshot guidelines in the above Basic Guidelines. They should also be properly cropped to a portrait type image. They should be added to the attached template in the target page.

If the uploaded media is to be added next to a line of text as part of the page's content, it should be noted that plain images are generally preferred over thumbnails. However thumbnails can be used if a caption is really necessary.

To add an image or a video, insert the following syntax in the appropriate area in Source mode after upload:

[[File:YourImageName.png|thumb|left|300px|optional caption]]
  • Note that the parameters thumb and caption are used in thumbnails only, and should be omitted in most media.
  • left defines the position, in which right and center can also be used.
  • 300px defines the widths of the media, in which any number of pixels up to 600px can be used, depending on the page format.
  • If the height needed to be defined instead of widths, insert x300px in place of widths.

If too much media are added to a page, especially in the page's Media section, use gallery tags and/or move media to a /Media subpage:

<gallery position="center" widths="150px" spacing="small">
Image1.png|Optional caption
  • Try to avoid using the slideshow format for galleries as they are inconvenient to use for viewing multiple images.

Galleries pertaining to listing items by their in-game images should use the following format:

<gallery captionposition="below" captionalign="center" hideaddbutton="true" spacing="small" navigation="true" position="center" bordersize="none" bordercolor="#FFFFFF">
Image1.png|link=Page link|Item name/description
Image2.png|link=Page link|Item name/description
Image3.png|link=Page link|Item name/description

Please make sure to compact the page after adding the media by tweaking the position and the size.
For more details regarding galleries, please refer to the Community Central page.

Media Sources

For sourcing WARFRAME-related media and assets to upload to the wiki, one can look at:

For in-game screenshots, editors can also look up VODs on YouTube can crop out specific frames from cutscenes or playthroughs.

Mass Uploading

“It's taking longer than I calculated.”
This page is actively being worked on and may not be completely correct. Please assist in making this page accurate. See WARFRAME Wiki:Research on ways to perform research on this game. Click here to add more info.
Could just fork WFCD warframe-items repo and update the code to rename files to match wiki's file naming convention

There are many ways of mass uploading official media to the wiki but the easiest way is to clone the warframe-items repo (https://github.com/WFCD/warframe-items) onto your local computer, navigate to the /data/img/ folder, and run the following command in a Bash shell:[1]

# Create new folder named "rename" to copy renamed/converted files in
mkdir rename

# Making file names match wiki file naming convention (CamelCasing)
function renamefilename {
    # Need to perform negative lookbehind to not match characters succeeding an apostrophe
    # (don't want to capitalize those)
    echo $1 | sed "s/\b(?<!')[a-z]/\u&/g" | sed "s/-//g"

# Convert .jpg to .png and rename file
for img in *.jpg
    newfilename=$(renamefilename $filename)
    convert "$filename.jpg" "./rename/$newfilename.png"  # convert command is part of ImageMagick
    echo \"$filename.jpg\" renamed to \"$newfilename.png\"

# Renaming .png files
for img in *.png
    newfilename=$(renamefilename $filename)
    mv "$filename.png" "./rename/$newfilename.png"
    echo \"$filename.png\" renamed to \"$newfilename.png\"

Equivalent command in PowerShell:[2]

# Load required assemblies and get object reference
[Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("System.Windows.Forms") | Out-Null

# Getting localization information for converting words to TitleCasing
$textInfo = (Get-Culture -Name en-US).TextInfo

# Create new folder named "rename" to copy renamed/converted files in
New-Item -ItemType directory -path "$(Get-Location)\rename"

function RenameFileName {
    param (
        [string] $FileName
    # Converting words to TitleCasing
    # Not using (\b[a-z]) to capture first letters of words and then converting those to uppercase
    # because that also set text after apostrophes to be uppercase too (e.g. "valkyr's-bonds" to "Valkyr'S-Bonds")
    # Have to use negative lookbehind with (?<!') to exclude matches succeeding apostrophes for this method
    $newFileName = [Regex]::replace($FileName, "\w[\w']*", { $textInfo.ToTitleCase($args[0].Value) })
    $newFileName = $newFileName.replace("-", "") + ".png"
    Write-Output $newFileName

# Convert .jpg to .png and rename file
foreach ($file in (ls "$(Get-Location)\*.jpg"))
    $convertFile = New-Object System.Drawing.Bitmap($file.FullName)
    $newFileName = $file.Name.replace(".jpg", "")
    $newFileName = (RenameFileName -FileName $newFileName)
    $convertFile.Save("$(Get-Location)\rename\" + $newFileName, "png")
    Write-Host """$($file.Name)"" renamed to ""$($newFileName)"""
    # Dispose file to stop using it

# Renaming .png files
foreach ($file in (ls "$(Get-Location)\*.png"))
    $renameFile = New-Object System.Drawing.Bitmap($file.FullName)

    $newFileName = $file.BaseName
    $newFileName = (RenameFileName -FileName $newFileName)
    $renameFile.Save("$(Get-Location)\rename\" + $newFileName, "png")
    Write-Host """$($file.Name)"" renamed to ""$($newFileName)"""
    # Dispose file to stop using it

Users can then use https://dev.fandom.com/wiki/MultiUpload or drag and drop files into the Source Editor to mass upload these files. Please manually audit files before mass uploading some or all of assets. There are rare instances where DE misattributed asset names/files. For example, from Public Export's ExportManifest.json, as of Hotfix 32.0.12 (2022-10-12) Mantis' entry has the wrong texture location, linking to a skin for the Liset:



  • These formatting rules apply to formal pages only (i.e. in the Main namespace). Editors are free to use any format in non-article namespaces like blogs, profile pages, clan pages, and any sort of personal pages.
  • To take in-mission screenshots easier (default F6):
    • Use a cloakable Warframe (e.g. LokiIcon272 Loki) or Shade Shade
    • Use a zoomed-in Sniper Rifle with scope UI disabled in the settings.
    • Disable HUD in the settings
  1. (2009, November 16). Batch converting PNG to JPG in linux. Stack Exchange. Accessed 2022-10-04. Archived from the original on 2022-10-04. Applies to vice versa conversion.
  2. Daniel (2018, August 22). PowerShell Batch ConvertImage. Stack Exchange. Accessed 2022-10-04. Archived from the original on 2022-10-04.