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In order to keep WARFRAME Wiki clean and free from vandalism, administrators are given the task to moderate and ban any users who violate any rules stated in the policies. This article aims to introduce the different types of bans and guide moderators to initiate the proper ban in any given situation.

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Administrators can perform the following actions:

  • Change duration of ban.
  • Block users from creating accounts.
  • Block last and subsequent IP addresses used by the user.

Due to the number of complaints regarding shared IP addresses being blocked, moderators should avoid:

  • Blocking users from posting on their Message Wall while blocked.
  • Blocking logged-in users from editing from a blocked IP address.

Un-checking these two options should allow blocked users to voice their concerns and prevent any undesirable blockage from going unheard, though moderators can always make exceptions depending on the situation at hand.

Anonymous Users

  • Maximum 3 months ban: Long duration bans are impractical for dynamic IP addresses.
  • Block at first offense without warning: Issuing warnings is impractical for short term contributors.
  • Appealing an infinite ban: Anonymous users that have been banned permanently can appeal an administrator to lift their ban via ingame or forum messages, as long as their ban period has passed 90 days.

Registered Users

  • One warning will be issued: Registered users who violate policy for the first time will be contacted by an administrator via a Message Wall thread as a warning, and banned for minimal duration (typically two hours) for recording purposes. These users are more likely to be long term contributors. Issuing a warning beforehand should clarify any policies that the user may have missed.
  • Block at second offense: After a warning has been issued, any subsequent offences will be deemed intolerable. The length of the ban will be handled on a case by case basis, and further subsequent offences may prolong the ban duration.
  • Block at case by case: Under specific case by case circumstances where actions must be taken immediately, a ban may be issued without a warning.
  • Maximum infinite ban: If a moderator sees a user's presence jeopardizes the professional atmosphere of the wiki and should not be welcomed in the future, a ban with a duration of infinite can be issued.


  • In the case of emergency or serious incidents such as hacks or major vandalism, SOAP members can intervene and make final decisions on bans that may override the policies stated above.

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