The following article is part of WARFRAME Wiki's policy.
For any inquiries, please consult an Administrator or Moderator.

If there are new things being introduced in the game, then new pages and/or subpages have to be created. As such, this article aims to establish consistent guidelines for when new articles are created in the wiki.

Before creating a new page, editors must make sure that there are no existing page on the same subject already to prevent page duplication.

There are cases that more than one article on the same subject that are published simultaneously, causing page duplication. Currently this issue cannot be prevented. If editors encounter this issue, please be polite and consider merging the contents into one article.

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General Guidelines

Editors should maintain the content as detailed, accurate, formal and unbiased as possible, and there are things that should not be made into a page:

  • Blog Material: Personal opinions, page solely for tips and tricks etc. are for user blogs.
  • Clan Pages: Advertising article of a clan should belong into the author's userpage, see below for more details.
  • Speculations: Unless it is well cited and documented, speculations should be avoided, especially with WARFRAME's lore. Pages with conjecture will be looked into and cleaned up accordingly. Some in-game observations can be added to pages, but please state so clearly by adding {{Cite}} next to the text or {{Speculation}} to the section. Other players can test it by themselves later and confirm the statement with proof.
  • Easter Eggs, Bugs: Easter Eggs do not contribute to the canonical storyline of the game–they are considered as trivia and can be placed under Trivia sections or Real-World References. Specific bugs that do not relate to the intended gameplay functionality of WARFRAME (including, but not limited to, map glitches, tileset bugs, etc.) can be listed in their respective pages, but otherwise need to be reported on the Warframe website instead.
  • Unreleased Content: Avoid making pages about unreleased content as their titles are subjected to change, since the names of that specific content are not guaranteed to remain the same upon release. If it is made clear by the developers that they will release a particular content in the future, then a page can be created beforehand with the {{TestBuild}} and {{Speculation}} message boxes. {{Upcoming}} can also be used to tag upcoming content.
  • Third Party Content: Articles must not advertise any third party websites or products. These pages will be considered spam, deleted or moderated under strict regulations. Linking to WARFRAME exclusive third party sites may be allowed on a case-to-case basis.
  • Any page with irrelevant or vulgar content: They will be removed and the author possibly banned.

However, editors are free to create pages under their username: Special:Mypage/examplepage, for testing syntax, drafting edits, clan page or build guides.

Creating a New Page

To create a new page, one must be logged into their Fandom account and navigate to the three dots at the top right corner of any page, and click "Add new page". Alternatively, you can go to Special:CreatePage to open the create page modal.

The title must directly reflect the content of the page using a simple and formal format. For example, the Strun Wraith has the page Strun Wraith, notice the page title has each word capitalized and the words correctly spaced. The same format applies to all articles in the wiki (with rare exceptions including The Man in the Wall).

Some articles require a namespace, such as categories, user pages (build guides, test pages) and templates. To insert a namespace, simply type Category:title for categories, User:username/title for user pages, and Template:title for templates. Namespaces should only be used when really necessary.

Subpages can be used when the content is directly associated with the root page, such as a tab of the root page or a sub division of a template. Subpages can be added by simply typing the following format: root_title/subpage_title. Rarely are subpages of subpages needed, but they can be created in the same pattern: root_title/subpage_title/subpage_title.

After selecting a title, select Blank Page as the layout used in pages of this wiki does not match the default layout. Then edit in Source Mode to edit with full flexibility.

For information on how to style a page on a certain topic, please refer to the Page Styling section in the Styling Guide.


After publishing the new page, categories should be added for better overall organization in the Wiki. To add a category, there are several methods:

  1. by simply typing [[Category:categorytitle]] in Source Mode
  2. by navigating to the Category box on the right in Visual Mode, and typing the appropriate category name.
  3. by adding a category to the "Category Bar" at the bottom of the published page.

To delete a category, editors can delete the appropriate source code, or navigate to the Category box on the right in Visual Mode and delete the category name by clicking the Trash icon.

Articles should be added to existing categories. Editors must make sure the category name is typed correctly before saving. Unless really necessary, new categories can be created by simply typing a new category name. But in most cases, this Wiki already consist all needed categories, therefore new category creation should be avoided.

Maintenance Templates

Main article: WARFRAME Wiki:Styling Guide#Frequently Used Templates

Some new pages are bounded to be incomplete, or even inappropriate. These templates serve as public service announcements and should be used on pages that requires readers or Administrators attention. For example: Inappropriate, duplicate and irrelevant content shall be Marked for Deletion; Incomplete content shall be marked as Article Stub or UpdateMe; Articles with bad formatting or grammar shall be marked for CleanUp, etc. All these templates are listed in the main article.

Renaming Articles

Articles have to be renamed to compensate changes in the game or incorrect namespace placement. Since this operation will cause serious consequence if not done correctly, this feature must not be used before consulting an Administrator.

Unless, however, if a new user personal page is placed in an incorrect namespace, which is quite typical with Category:Clan List and Category:User Builds. (i.e. editors forgot to put "User:" before the page title.) Editors can move the page by renaming it with the correct namespace. To move the page to the correct namespace simply go to the Rename page by clicking the drop down menu next to the "Edit" button, then change the page's namespace with the drop down menu next to the title input box. Make sure to uncheck "Leave a redirect" before completing the process.


Editors are encouraged to consult the Styling Guide for methods in using Source Mode, styling an article or anything that are not covered in this article.

Article Scope

The scope of pages that is currently allowed on the wiki's Main namespace. Mostly this pertains to general article content, but can be extended to individual sentences on articles that may otherwise be relevant to WARFRAME as a whole.

Allowed Topics


  • High-level or non-WARFRAME topics that are already covered by Wikipedia. Provide a link to the appropriate Wikipedia article instead of making its own page on the wiki.
  • Warframe content creators and real-world individuals. Includes those on the Development Team, voice actors, and contracted artists for TennoGen or other content. For example, there should not be a page called "[DE]Rebecca" or "Rebecca Ford".
  • Community controveries or community-driven events
  • Fanfiction or community-derived media
  • Content that has been planned/announced by the developers but has never formally implemented in-game and has a very small likelihood to be in the game in a future update
    • Stalker Mode is an exception since on multiple devstreams, developers were able to invade other players. Though this could be classified as a "hidden feature" or "easter egg" since it has close to 0% chance of being formally implemented in-game.
    • Derf Anyo is grandfathered in before a formal article scope guideline/policy was written out.
  • Meta wiki content. Those should be in the WARFRAME Wiki namespace
  • Anything that is described as a player-made term and does not have a direct equivalent with in-game terms (e.g. "Loot Cave")
  • Content solely based on speculations or theories
  • Other games or media made by Digital Extremes (including Dark Sector)
  • Leaked (potentially) playable content exposed through datamines, engine logs, or official APIs. See our WARFRAME Wiki:Data Mining Policy.
    • Drop chances or hidden mechanics are allowed however as those are relevant in actual playable content.
  • Topics in languages other than English. Those should be in on the appropriate WARFRAME sister wiki as listed here: WARFRAME_Wiki:Localization_Guide#Other_Localization_Efforts
    • Providing information on localized names in other languages are allowed on articles.
  • Individual Clans or Alliances. These should be in the User namespace. See Category:Clan List.
  • Charity events hosted/participated by the developers (e.g. "Quest to Conquer Cancer", "Movember", "Tennobaum")
    • Though if there are in-game tie-ins like cosmetics then it could justify their own article. Though in most cases there is not enough game-relevant info to put on articles so these tend to exist as one-liner entries on more general articles like Warframe Cosmetics or Syandana.
  • Anything that is not related to WARFRAME. In other words, anything that is not connected to WARFRAME within one degree of separation. Cross-overs, references, or inspirations are not topics for valid articles. For example, there should not be a page on this wiki called "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" even though the Lotus is a spirit in the game. Nor should there be an article for "Soulframe" or "Dark Sector (video game)".
  • Build guides are not allowed to be their own articles. Make them into user blogs instead.
    • Subjective content under Tips section are allowed as long as they are mostly based on objective reasoning.
  • Unreleased content or content that was accidentally leaked by the developers and then reverted