Standard issue weapon for Diriga sentinel. Fires sniper rounds.

The Vulklok is the default weapon of the Diriga Sentinel. Vulklok fires energy projectiles at enemies, dealing Electricity b Electricity damage. This weapon functions as a sniper rifle, accepting rifle and sniper mods.

Acquisition Edit

  • This sentinel weapon is automatically acquired by claiming the Diriga sentinel.

Characteristics Edit

This weapon deals Electricity b Electricity damage.



Notes Edit

  • The Vulklok's Noise Level is unchanged via Mod TT 20pxHush. It is unknown if this is an intended behavior or not.

Trivia Edit

  • The naming of this weapon seems to be an amalgamation of Vulkar Vulkar and DEGrinlok Grinlok, two Grineer long-range rifles.
    • Ironically, it functionally resembles the CorpusSniperRifle Lanka — a Corpus-built sniper rifle.
    • When it was first introduced, it also used sounds from the Lanka before receiving its own firing sound.

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