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Solaris. United. You are not alone.
She means well. Don't want to see nothing bad happen to us workers... but, there was a time she had another name - Vox Solaris, the voice of the resistance, the voice of Solaris United.
Thursby, commending Eudico's actions as Vox
I hear Vox knew Deck 12 was a risk, and Vox sent them all down there anyway. To burn.
Cutter, blaming the Deck 12 Incident on Vox

Vox Solaris, or just Vox for short, is Eudico's alter ego who serves as the leader and voice of the Solaris United resistance against Nef Anyo. Its appearance is that of a mask worn by Eudico's true face that crudely resembles Nef Anyo, as a means to mock him by portraying him as in-debt, like his slaves.



Vox led Solaris United until they suffered a crushing defeat known as the "Deck 12 Incident" which resulted in the death of many Solaris at the hands of the Exploiter Orb. Eudico felt responsible and blamed herself, ceasing all resistance activity and made Vox "disappear", although Nef Anyo never found out Vox's true identity.

Vox Solaris[]

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The Tenno's arrival on Fortuna reignites the rebellion, allowing Vox to return. The rise of the rebellion shocks Nef Anyo, stating he "killed" Vox and describes it as a "ghost".

Upon quest completion, Vox will periodically display prerecorded messages through various monitors in Fortuna, often encouraging the Solaris members to "believe" and "resist", as their future can be different, or sharing facts with them, like truth is life without profit, and profit is life without truth.

Profit-Taker Orb Heist Phase 2[]

Eudico, The Business, Little Duck, and the Tenno scheme to destroy the Profit-Taker Orb. To acquire the harmonic schema of Profit-Taker's shields, which is locked in a triple-locked data vault in the Enrichment Labs whose passkeys expire if not reauthorized regularly, with each passkey guarded by a Corpus Director ordered to self-preserve, Vox takes advantage of their desire of self-profit above all else and declares a credit raid on the labs to force the directors out of hiding.

The Deadlock Protocol[]

Due to the Corpus Board of Directors reaching a permanent voting impasse, Nef Anyo initiates the "Deadlock Protocol". Vox notes that this Protocol is threatening the lives of Solaris workers and declares the resistance to spring into action, inviting their Tenno allies to join their united front.

After ProteaIcon272.png Protea's defeat, Vox broadcasts for the Solaris to celebrate their united front with the Tenno, before returning to their daily struggle.

Iced Vallis[]

During Nightwave: Series 3, it was mentioned that Cutter's parents were killed during the Deck 12 Incident. Believing that Vox knowingly sent them to their deaths, Cutter defected from Solaris United and joined the Corpus, serving as a spy.


  • If you listen closely to Vox's dialogue you can faintly make out Eudico's voice in the background.