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For Deimos creature, see Vome (Deimos).

A gobbet of raw flesh, fallen from the wyrm Vome in her death spasm. Used to attract Chondricord and Duroid.

—In-game description

Vome Residue is a fishing bait for fish of the Cambion Drift, used to attract Chondricord and Duroid.


After Fass kills Vome to begin the Fass cycle on the Cambion Drift, small zones of blue energy will appear in various locations. Entering a zone will cover the edges of the screen in blue sludge and grant a temporary %? movement speed bonus to all Infested and Necramechs (both player-controlled and AI-controlled) within the zone, as well as a speed penalty to all Tenno (including Warframes, Operators, and Archwings, though K-Drives are exempt). Multiple deposits of Vome Residue will spawn inside each zone and can be destroyed to acquire 1 Vome Residue each.

Note that if one stays in the Cambion Drift for long enough, there may be Vome Residue on the map even though Vome is not active.

Blueprints Requiring Vome Residue[]

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Adra Mutagen Component 6
Arioli Mutagen Component 6
Chiten Mutagen Component 6
Elsa Mutagen Component 6
Leptosam Mutagen Component 6
Monachod Mutagen Component 6
Phijar Mutagen Component 6
Zarim Mutagen Component 6
Total 48

Last updated: Hotfix 29.9.1 (2021-02-24)


  • Amount yielded is not affected by Resource Boosters or Mod TT 20px.png Charm.
  • Resource deposits are not marked (e.g. Mod TT 20px.png Thief's Wit).
  • 6-12 Wyrm Residue, depending on squad size, (either FassResidue.png Fass Residue or Vome Residue) are needed to activate the bait machine in the first stage of the Isolation Vault bounty. Existing Residue will despawn, and new Residue will respawn for the players to collect.
  • They can be traded at Father in exchange for Father Tokens in quantities of 6 to 11. Curiously, Father will never ask for Residue in Token bundles that reward two or fewer tokens.

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Patch History[]

Update 29.0 (2020-08-25)

  • Introduced.