'Vome'. His sister. They don't get along, as you'll soon see.

Vome is a female giant Infested creature seen in the skybox of the Cambion Drift. She represents the "night" cycle of the Landscape, and is stuck in an eternal battle with her brother Fass for which there can be no victor.


Vome appears as a very tall, Infested, snake-like creature. She closely resembles her brother, Fass, the differences being that Vome has webbing between her claw-like spines, similar to the webbing of aquatic animals or bat wings. Vome is described to be female and has a blue glowing orb inside of the skeletal cage-like structure on her back, while Fass is male and has an orange glowing orb. 

Cambion Drift Fass-Vome CycleEdit

The Cambion Drift's day-night cycle is represented by Fass and Vome, rather than day and night. Depending on which is present, the Landscape changes considerably, ranging from the type of Fish spawning to Necramech and Infested behavior. Trapped in an endless cycle, these wyrms constantly destroy each other with obliterating laser beams, only to regenerate and exact revenge.

In the case of Vome, the amount of Infested enemies is decreased while their behavior becomes docile unless attacked, Fass Residue is littered across the Landscape, and allied Necramechs will roam and engage the Infested. This phase of the cycle lasts for 50 minutes.



When Fass is in the skybox (when Fass kills Vome), there will be small zones of blue energy scattered across the Cambion Drift. These zones will increase the speed of Tenno and enemies and slowly regenerate their health inside. Multiple blue glowing containers will spawn inside each zone and can be destroyed to acquire Vome Residue.


  • Her namesake comes from the Requiem word for "Order".
  • Vome is possibly one of two Infested Wyrms with blue glowing orbs located on the Cambion Drift, the second is speculated to be a nameless and always dormant Wyrm that is found sleeping inside the giant structure in the Cerebrum Magna section of the map, which in concept was called an arena.

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