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A Void Angel's living feather, ripped out in combat.
—In-Game Description

The Voidplume Pinion is a resource that is dropped from defeated Dormant Void Angels, found in the Zariman tileset. They can be exchanged for ReputationBlackx64.png 5,000 standing with The Holdfasts. 5x Voidplume Pinions are required to advance to the Rank 5 - Angel with The Holdfasts, and is an important crafting material for Incarnon weapons.


  • Void Angels found in a dormant state in any Zariman Ten Zero mission are guaranteed to drop a Voidplume Pinion upon death as an interactable pickup. Each mission always has one dormant Void Angel, appearing in large rooms of the tileset.
  • Every 8 hours, one Voidplume Pinion can be purchased from Archimedean Yonta using resources found on the Zariman.

Blueprints Requiring Voidplume Pinion[]

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Voidplume Pinion
Blueprint Type Quantity
The Holdfasts Angel Rank Up (5 - Angel) 5
Phenmor.png Phenmor Primary 15
Felarx.png Felarx Primary 10
Laetum.png Laetum Secondary 1
Praedos.png Praedos Melee 15
Innodem.png Innodem Melee 5
Raptwing Ephemera Ephemera 5
Seraphayre Ephemera Ephemera 5
Total 61


Patch History[]

Update 31.6 (2022-06-09)

NEW: Trade Resources for Voidplumes

Voidplumes can now be earned from Archimedean Yonta by trading in resources found throughout the Zariman! Voidplumes rotate every 8 hours, a Time Left to Trade timer is available to indicate the next upcoming rotation.

Hotfix 31.5.4 (2022-05-02)

  • Fixed Nekros’ Desecrate and Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm being able to duplicate Voidplume Pinion and Arcane drops from Void Manifestation fights.
    • Restored these to match Khora’s Pilfering Strangledome and Atlas’ Ore Gaze Augment mods intentionally not applying their loot bonuses on Void Manifestations.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Introduced.