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Node Region Type Tower IV
C D E I MD Sa Su
Pavlov Earth Spy
Augustus Mars Interception
Callisto Jupiter Interception
Iapetus Saturn Interception
Aegaeon Saturn Spy
Berehynia Sedna Interception
Scylla Sedna Spy
Tikoloshe Sedna Spy
Grildig Phobos Spy
Opik Phobos Interception
Shklovsky Phobos Spy
Armaros Europa Spy
Ose Europa Interception
Valac Europa Spy
Caelus Uranus Interception
Stephano Uranus Interception
Rosalind Uranus Spy
Umbriel Uranus Spy
Cerberus Pluto Interception
Hieracon Pluto Dark Sector Excavation
Draco Ceres Interception
Gabii Ceres Dark Sector Survival
Zabala Eris Dark Sector Survival

(Edit Tower IV Drops)
Cells marked with a "✔" can drop the key listed at the top of the column.
Cells marked with a "Ø" can not drop the key according to rules set forth by DE.
Cells left empty mean that the corresponding key has not yet been found in that mission.

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