Void Hole is a battle Avionic that can be equipped in the third Avionic Grid slot. It launches a rocket that functions similar to VaubanIcon272 Vauban's Bastille130xDark Bastille on detonation, slowly drawing enemies who pass into its radius into its center while dealing continuous Cold b Frost damage to enemies affected. This rocket will detonate on impact with a surface or manually by pressing the ability button again.


Rank Duration Range Damage / s Drain
0 8s 75m 200 6
1 10s 90m 210 7
2 13s 100m 220 8
3 15s 110m 230 9
4 17s 120m 240 10
5 20s 130m 260 10
6 23s 140m 280 10
7 25s 150m 300 10

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Void Hole can be an effective means to group enemies to receive damage from explosive effects such as Munitions Vortex, Blackout Pulse, Shatter Burst, Tether, the release of Particle Ram, or Ordnance. It can also hold foes in place for more reliable use of Particle Ram's contact damage and the Ramming Speed Piloting Intrinsic.
  • Compared to Tether, Void Hole is more expensive, has a smaller effective radius and less immediate effect. However, Void Hole can affect an unlimited number of targets, can be more easily placed, deals significantly more damage, and will not release enemies prematurely upon receiving damage or double-tapping the ability, in addition to inflicting status on foes to continue its crowd control when the effect ends. Used in tandem, Tether can be used to draw enemies into the Void Hole more quickly before detonating for additional damage.

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 27.0
  • Introduced.
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