Often found cocooned on the walls of the Zariman, the Void Angels were once human-like manifestations of people who died in the aftermath of the Zariman disaster. Over time they succumbed to the Void's song, and transformed into these angel-like creatures. They do not like to be disturbed.

Void Angels are former manifestations of Zariman Ten Zero crew[1] that have been heavily corrupted by the Void. They serve as Field Bosses on the Zariman tilesets.

Any Zariman Ten Zero mission always has one dormant Void Angel that appears in large rooms of the tileset, which can be awoken by interacting with it. The Ravenous variant will always spawn at the end of successful Void Armageddon cycles.

Killing the Ravenous variant grants 7,500 Focus to the current active school, while killing the dormant ones grant 15,000 focus. This counts toward the daily cap.


All Void Angels were once humanoid manifestations created from Conceptual Embodiment, similar to the Holdfasts[2]. After giving in to the song from the Void, those who are reborn from the Void then evolve into a more abstract form. These masses of human-shaped Void energy can be found cocooned and asleep within the surrounding walls of the Zariman, and can be heard softly wailing and singing. When fully matured, these forms will then turn into a fully mobile, angel-like entity.

Due to the invading IconCorpusOn Corpus and IconGrineerOn Grineer forces, the Angels have become enraged, and now attempt to claw open the Albrecht Membrane in order to release their master.[3] As a result, they cause numerous Void Floods to appear around the ship, increasing the risk of contamination.

When not asleep within the walls, the Void Angels will attempt to make their way to the Zariman's Reliquary Drive and attempt to feed off of it.


Example Warframes impaled by a Void Angel

Warframes impaled by a Void Angel. Note the ashen texture while impaled.

In their initial state, angels will be fought in the same space as other enemies. They possess multiple attacks:

  • A teleport during which they are invulnerable. They will target the area around a player and, after a short delay, slam into the ground, creating a shockwave. Their landing zone is telegraphed by faint red energy swirling in the selected area.
  • A slowly charging orb, which absorbs incoming damage and will home in on a player once thrown. The orb can be destroyed by Operators, either in mid-air or while it is still charging. The latter causes the Angel to be staggered.
  • A ground slam that sends out spikes in a line. If these spikes hit a Warframe, they will be impaled akin to GarudaIcon272 Garuda's BloodAltar130xWhite Blood Altar, and the controlling player will be forced into Operator/Drifter mode. They will not be able to return into their Warframe until they destroy the spikes paralyzing it, or are knocked out in operator form.
  • During its recovery phase, the Angel's physical form will continuously create spheres around it, which will fire a damaging DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic beam at nearby targets after a short delay.

After at least 1 health segment has been destroyed, they will gain a few more abilities:

  • A surrounding DmgCorrosiveSmall64 Corrosive fog that heals the Angel if it damages a Warframe, including non-Warframe Specters.
  • A delayed explosion that blankets a large area in the same fog.

As an Ethereal Void Angel it will have a different set of attacks:

  • A swipe, which will create damaging beams that fire outward in sequence.
  • A homing orb from its face, which can be destroyed with an Amp.
  • If the Ethereal Void Angel isn't dispatched quickly enough it may teleport to the outside of the ring, from where it will start charging a beam attack.

Like some special bosses, the Void Angel can only receive up to 4 stacks of any Status Effect with the exception of DmgImpactSmall64 Impact which can stack up to 6 times.


The Void Angel possesses 2 or 3 health bars (2 on Ravenous, 3 on awoken Dormant Void Angel). After depleting the first health bar, the Angel will enter a recovery state indicated by a green gauge filling.

While recovering, a portal in the form of a bubble appears above the Angel, which can be entered by touching the portal (a jump may be needed). The player will be automatically switched into Operator/Drifter mode and teleported into the Ethereal plane - a special realm consisting of a circular platform, encountering the Ethereal Void Angel. Falling off the platform or being defeated in the realm will forcibly eject the player from the realm. The Ethereal's health bar is indicated in blue.

After damaging the Ethereal form at least 50%, it will become invulnerable as multiple Dimensional Orbs float around it which can be removed with Void Sling. The number of orbs scales with the number of players, at minimum two orbs in a solo mission. Removing the orb creates a golden shield when the Operator lands, blocking some of the Angel's attacks and granting DmgFireSmall64 Heat damage to Amps.

If the Ethereal Void Angel is not defeated quickly enough it will initiate a beam attack. This ability is highly damaging and ignores Void Mode, while its aggressive tracking makes it difficult to dodge. Any Operator outside of cover will likely be knocked out.

Once the Ethereal form is defeated, one of Angel's physical form's health bar is permanently removed and all players are ejected from the Ethereal plane. If the Ethereal form is not defeated before the green recovery gauge reaches the end, all players are ejected from the Ethereal plane and the contested portion of the Angel's physical form's health bar is completely restored.

The process repeats until all 2 or 3 physical health bars are depleted. On the last physical health bar, the Angel's physical form will die without attempting to recover or to offer an Ethereal encounter, thus requiring 2 Ethereal encounters for the awoken Dormant Void Angel, and just 1 encounter for the Ravenous Void Angel.


  • Loot abilities such as NekrosIcon272 Nekros' Desecrate130xWhite Desecrate have no effect on Void Angels.


  • During Bounties, hunting a dormant Void Angel that is not required by the bounty is not advised until after the bounty is completed, as ignoring the objective may cause mission failure (depending on the bounty conditions) and thus lose out on the Void Angel's drops.
  • While the physical form can be easily overcome by multiple possible Warframe builds and weapons, the Ethereal form on the other hand is both limited to the Operator and has a time limit, which may require a decently built Operator especially on higher tier bounties. FocusLensMadurai b Madurai has many Operator-enhancing abilities related to damage output, none of which are Way-Bound.
    • Madurai disciples also have FocusContaminationWave Contamination Wave at their disposal, further rendering the Angels vulnerable to Operator/Drifter damage.
  • FocusCausticStrike Caustic Strike from the FocusLensUnairu b Unairu school affects Void Angels by permanently stripping off their armor, further making them vulnerable for a quick dispatch.
    • Additionally, the spawned FocusUnairuWisp Unairu Wisps after using Caustic Strike will further amp up the Operator's/Drifter's damage.
  • Bursting the Ethereal form with enough damage output can skip its orb protection phase entirely. Timing a burst of damage when it is only slightly above 50% health and right when it starts an attack can be an effective method of skipping the orbs.
    • FocusTemporalDrag Temporal Drag from the FocusLensZenurik b Zenurik school slows down both the physical and ethereal Angel forms, giving time for bursting to skip the orb phase. Upgrading it to FocusTemporalShot Temporal Shot further amplifies Operator damage by landing headshots on the Angel.
    • MagusMelt Magus Melt provides innate DmgFireSmall64 Heat damage to Amps after Void Slinging, without needing the golden shield buff.
  • EternalEradicate Eternal Eradicate is available for purchase from Cavalero and can be a handy boost to Amp effectiveness.
  • Although it is not listed in the Codex, the Angel's Ethereal form uses Flesh for its health type. Aside from the Orb's golden shields, equipping VirtuosTrojan Virtuos Trojan to convert a portion of DmgVoidSmall64 Void damage into DmgViralSmall64 Viral damage can make the Ethereal phase easier to finish.
  • The damage bonus from the Orb shields do not stack with one another. If fighting an Ethereal Angel as a group it would be wise to spread the shields out so that Operators/Drifters can attack the Angel from multiple angles.
  • The Angel cannot teleport to areas that are too small for it to occupy.
  • Equipping Venari130xWhite Venari with Mod TT 20px Sharpened Claws will expose flesh on both varieties of void angel when she attacks them.


Ravenous Void Angel General Drops
Introduced Undetermined Mod Drops:
CascadiaAccuracy Cascadia Accuracy 0.667%
CascadiaEmpowered Cascadia Empowered 0.667%
CascadiaFlare Cascadia Flare 0.667%
CascadiaOvercharge Cascadia Overcharge 0.667%
EmergenceDissipate Emergence Dissipate 0.667%
EmergenceRenewed Emergence Renewed 0.667%
EmergenceSavior Emergence Savior 0.667%
EternalEradicate Eternal Eradicate 0.667%
EternalLogistics Eternal Logistics 0.667%
EternalOnslaught Eternal Onslaught 0.667%
FractalizedReset Fractalized Reset 0.667%
MoltAugmented Molt Augmented 0.667%
MoltEfficiency Molt Efficiency 0.667%
MoltReconstruct Molt Reconstruct 0.667%
MoltVigor Molt Vigor 0.667%
Other Drops:
VoidplumeQuill Voidplume Quill 100%
Tileset Zariman (Tileset)
Codex Scans
Base Level 1

  • Compared to their dormant counterparts, Ravenous Void Angels have one less health bar to deal with, and only spawn in Void Armageddon missions after three Exodampers have been defended. Other than this, they behave identically to their kin.
    • Additionally they will drop a VoidplumeQuill Voidplume Quill on death, balanced out by their more frequent appearances during Void Armageddon missions.



  • Sometimes a Void Angel receives damage beyond one of its three segmented bars before switching to invulnerability phase and players are unable to enter the Void bubble, rendering it unkillable for the rest of the mission.
  • When a Void Angel successfully impales a Warframe and forces the player into Operator/Drifter mode, the player at times cannot return to their Warframe even if the impaling spikes were already shattered.
    • When the Operator/Drifter gets knocked out while this bug is in effect, they will simply respawn beside their Warframe.
  • If a player joins squad during the Ethereal phase - this will eject all players from Ethereal plane and pause the Angel's recovery progress bar. Players will be unable to enter the Ethereal plane until one more player joins the squad.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 36.0.1 (2024-06-19)

  • Fixed players being indefinitely stuck in the Void Angel’s spike ability.

Hotfix 35.5.11 (2024-05-07)

  • Fixed getting pulled out of the Void Angel’s Ethereal Plane as Protea in Zariman missions if Temporal Anchor is cast before entering it.

Hotfix 35.5.4 (2024-04-05)

  • Fixed the Void Angel in the Angels of the Zariman Quest, as well as those in Void Armageddon missions, not having an objective marker.

Update 35.5 (2024-03-27)

  • Fixed a script error when the Void Angel appeared in Void Armageddon missions.
  • Fixed a script error when awakening Void Angel in the Zariman

Update 34.0 (2023-10-18)

  • Fixed Steel Path difficulty modifiers not applying to Void Angels.
  • Fixed Excalibur Umbra sometimes ceasing to function after getting impaled by Void Angels.
  • Fixed issues with the Void Angels’ animations after being attacked by Khora’s Venari.
  • Fixed being able to bring the protective sphere from the Void Angel fight back to the Zariman.

Hotfix 32.0.7 (2022-09-28)

  • Improved performance of Void Angels.
  • Fixed being unable to wake a Void angel on the Zariman after Host Migration.
  • Fixed Void Angel transmissions sometimes being too loud.

Update 32.0 (2022-09-07)

  • Fixed issue where Void Slinging into the Zariman Void Angel fight arena before being teleported out would leave the Operator invisibile.
  • Fixed picking up Void Plumes from Void Angels triggering the “Found X/Y” popup message.
    • Since there are no fixed numbers in the levels from Void Angels, it didn’t make sense to show messaging for these.
  • Fixed issue where Void Slinging into a Void Angel could cause total Operator functionality loss.

Hotfix 31.7.2 (2022-08-17)

  • Fixed an Operator functionality loss after Void Slinging into the Angel's teleport volume.

Hotfix 31.6.4 (2022-07-14)

  • Added a marker to Warframe impaled by Void Angel for better visibility.
  • Improved hit detection when damaging the Void Angel ground spike.
  • Fixed script error caused by players exiting/disconnecting during the forced transference process when entering the Void Angel's portal.

Hotfix 31.6.2 (2022-06-15)

  • Fixed kills made by non-player allies (Specters, Kuva Liches, etc.) not counting towards the ‘Awaken a Dormant Void Angel and Defeat It’ Zariman Bounty challenge.

Hotfix 31.6.1 (2022-06-09)

Update 31.6 (2022-06-09)

  • Fixed being able to escape Void Angel ground spikes by transferring back to Warframe immediately after being impaled as Client.
    • This also fixes remaining in the impaled pose animation wherever transference occurred.
  • Fixed pause menu lingering on-screen if a player is impaled by a Void Angel with it open.
  • Fixed Void Angel's ground spikes sometimes overshooting the target when they're moving slow.
  • Fixed Void Angels becoming invisible for Clients while going into their down state while also teleporting.
  • Fixed Void Angels teleporting into the ground.
  • Fixed Void Angels not appearing in their downed state to players who join in-progress missions.
  • Fixed more issues related to the Void Angels impale ability across Hosts and Clients in a squad.
  • Fixed the Void Angel Bounty challenge remaining incomplete after completing successfully.

Hotfix 31.5.9 (2022-05-12)

  • More fixes towards a crash when Client returns to the Chrysalith when awakening/spawning a Void Manifestation.

Hotfix 31.5.8 (2022-05-11)

  • Fixed active Void Manifestation being inactive and unable to be reactivated after Host migration.

Hotfix 31.5.7 (2022-05-06)

  • Fixed being unable to enter the Void Manifestation arena due to a delay on their health bar appearing. As reported here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/1309155-void-angel-fight-bugged-cant-enter-void-bubble-known/
  • More fixes towards Clients not losing the Void Manifestation Arena filter after getting killed inside.
  • Fixed crash that could happen if Client went back to the Chrysalith at the same time that the Host is jumping into the Void Manifestation arena.
  • Fixed crash that could happen if Client went back to the Chrysalith at the same time that the Host is awakening a Void Manifestation.

Hotfix 31.5.6 (2022-05-04)

  • Fixed Void Manifestation HUD not showing to players who join a fight in progress.

Hotfix 31.5.5 (2022-05-03)

  • Fixed script error with Void Manifestation ground spike ability.
  • Fixed a script error with the inactive Void Manifestations spawns.

Hotfix 31.5.4 (2022-05-02)

  • Fixed Void Manifestations at times retaining invincibility after destroying Orbs.  
  • Fixed loss of functionality when Client rapidly transfers back to Warframe after getting impaled by Void Manifestation.
  • Fixed crash related to the Void Manifestations ground spike ability on Host migration.
  • Fixed lingering FX from Void Manifestation arena after Operator dies within it.
  • Fixing Host exiting the Void Manifestation arena causing the FX to be removed for Clients.
  • Fixed marker lingering for Clients after killing Void Manifestation.
  • Fixed a script error caused by the new waypoint marker for inactive Void Manifestations in Zariman missions.
  • Fixed script error related to destroying a Void Manifestation at the same time as Host migrating.
  • Fixed Nekros’ Desecrate and Hydroid’s Pilfering Swarm being able to duplicate Voidplume Pinion and Arcane drops from Void Manifestation fights.
    • Restored these to match Khora’s Pilfering Strangledome and Atlas’ Ore Gaze Augment mods intentionally not applying their loot bonuses on Void Manifestations.

Hotfix 31.5.3 (2022-04-29)

  • Fixed Clients not seeing proper scaling of the Void Manifestation orbs.

Hotfix 31.5.2 (2022-04-28)

  • Added a tutorial message to the Angels of the Zariman quest during Void Manifestation fight informing that you can Void Sling through Orbs.
    • This tutorial prompt also appears in the fight outside of the quest when assistance is needed.
  • Added a UI Marker to the “inactive” Void Manifestation if you are doing a Zariman Bounty that requires you to defeat them.
  • Fixed infinite screen shake when spiked by Void Manifestation.
  • Fixed complete loss of functionality after being spiked by Void Manifestation.
  • Fixed Protea’s Temporal Anchor forcing you out of your Operator in transference disabled areas (eg. Void Manifestation arena).
  • Fixed black and white FX persisting everywhere after being killed by the Void Manifestation in the arena.
  • Fixed a crash related to the Void Manifestation abilities.
  • Fixed Void Manifestation orb explosion FX triggering multiple times.
  • Fixed FX and sounds not playing when hitting the Void Manifestation orbs.
  • Fixed the tutorial UI prompt overlapping with the Void Manifestation’s health bar.
  • Fixed the Solena and Kyruna Ephemera reverting to have no textures when spiked by a Void Manifestation.

Hotfix 31.5.1 (2022-04-27)

  • Fixed Void Manifestations becoming invincible (spawning without health bar) after teleporting.
  • Fixed orb hitbox from the Void manifestations encounter being unintentionally too small.
    • In both the missions and quest.
  • Fixed Void manifestation never reappearing after teleport.
  • Fixed Sevagoth’s Shadow becoming indefinitely invulnerable after being spiked by a Void manifestation.
  • Fixed lingering FX from Void manifestation arena after exiting it.

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Introduced.
  1. "When consciousness and Void come together, it makes a thing. For example, me!" -Archimedean Yonta during Angels of the Zariman
  2. "That form is what awaits us, should we fail to hold fast. The others were all like us, once. But in time they all drank from that bleak Reliquary, and now they scream in chorus to the Void." -Quinn during Angels of the Zariman
  3. "If the Void Angels break through the Wall, their master will be freed. Do not allow that to happen." - Teshin