Originally we studied Void occurrences from afar, observing and cataloguing the distribution of galaxies and refining cosmological evolution models. We are in a new age of cosmic exploration. Advancements in space travel partnered with determined curiosity have brought us closer to our object of study, and with it, revelation.

—Void Fragment
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The Void is a mysterious realm of extradimensional space, where the laws of physics hold little sway. It is the source of many mysterious phenomena, such as void storms, and the origin of the Tenno's powers.

As a Star Chart location, the Void is characterized by the presence of Orokin Towers, gleaming white and gold structures built by the Orokin for unknown purposes. These towers are of immense interest to the major factions of the Origin System, who desire the vast treasures and Orokin technology hidden within. It is the primary source of Argon Crystals. Missions in the Void are also guaranteed to reward a Void Relic.


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These units have been taken over by the Neural Sentry to protect the Towers from outside forces. Note that the Void missions accessible from Sedna junction are considered to be "Tier 4" (T4) difficulty. Enemies will deal +200% bonus damage compared to their actual levels.

All nodes Level 30+ Only Level 40+ Only

The Stalker and Syndicate Kill Squads may also appear to hunt down Tenno during Tower missions.


Unlike other planets whose entirety can be accessed from a single entry node, the Void is divided into four different set of nodes, each set separate from each other that must be accessed from four different planets (Phobos, Europa, Neptune, & Sedna). Note that once the Void is unlocked, completing missions on branches from a different planet will permanently unlock the mission. This can allow a player to access other planets without unlocking their junction. For example, completing Aten will grant access to the planet Sedna.

Target Name Type Level Tile Set
IconOrokinB Ani Survival 20 - 25 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Aten Mobile Defense 40 - 45 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Belenus Defense 30 - 35 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Hepit Capture 10 - 15 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Marduk Sabotage 40 - 45 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Mithra Interception 40 - 45 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Mot Survival 40 - 45 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Oxomoco Exterminate 30 - 35 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Stribog Sabotage 20 - 25 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Taranis Defense 10 - 15 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Teshub Exterminate 10 - 15 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Tiwaz Mobile Defense 20 - 25 Orokin Tower
IconOrokinB Ukko Capture 30 - 35 Orokin Tower


  • When the Void was first introduced back in Update 8.0, players could only access it through the use of Void Keys that they could acquire during missions. The Void as a whole was significantly changed during Update: Specters of the Rail, turning it into a separate system while Void Keys were changed to Relics.
  • The mission nodes are named after gods and deities of various Pantheons (e.g. Slavic, Mesopotamian, Aztec, etc.)

Patch HistoryEdit

Update 25.7
  • Fixed broken water effects and reflections in the Void Tileset.

Hotfix 25.3.2

  • Fixed inability to mark Mods dropped from containers in the Void for the "Mark a Resource or Mod" Nightwave Act.
  • Fixed Void Crate waypoint sunken into the ground leading to unpickable goodies, as reported here.
  • Fixed unwallrunnable walls in the Void tileset as reported here.

Update 22.20

  • Opened even more previously locked treasure walls in the Void!

Update 18.5

  • Void missions like Exterminate now start un-alert, allowing them to be stealthable. Enemies are un-alert until something happens (e.g they see you, you start the Mobile Defense task), which is now a temporary level-wide alert.
  • Void Exterminate Missions will now only activate a temporary alarm when the player is discovered, instead of a level-wide alert.

Hotfix 18.4.3

  • Ferrite has replaced Alloy Plate as a Resource Drop in Void missions.

Update 14.1

  • Altered the layout of certain Void extraction tiles so as to allow more Warframes to properly traverse designated wall run stretches.
  • Increased the tileset complexity of Void Survival tilesets so as to allow for more instances of multi-door tiles spawning.

Update 11.1

  • Added the new capture objective rooms to Orokin Void and Derelicts.

Update 8.3

  • Void now has some new tile sets, more traps and lasers, also turrets in locker rooms.

Update 8.0

  • Introduced.

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