Awarded by the Arbiters of Hexis to few Tenno capable of surviving Arbitration.

—In-game description

Vitus Essence is a special resource that only appears on Arbitrations.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

  • Guaranteed end of mission reward on Arbitrations. Amount varies depending on rounds completed.
  • There is a 7% chance to gain 3 x Vitus Essence from any drop rotation on Arbitrations.
  • Arbitration Shield Drones have a 3% chance to drop Vitus Essence on kill.

Usage[edit | edit source]

  • Vitus Essence is used to buy items from the Arbitrations Vendor NPC in the Arbiters of Hexis room of any relay.
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  • Vitus Essence is also used to craft items, mainly Ephemeras.

    Vitus drop.

Click to view the Blueprints requiring Vitus Essence
Blueprint Type Quantity
AyatanAmberStar64.png Ayatan Amber Star Resource 1
Blazing Step Ephemera Cosmetic 1
Bleeding Body Ephemera Cosmetic 1
Freezing Step Ephemera Cosmetic 1
Seeding Step Ephemera Cosmetic 1
Shocking Step Ephemera Cosmetic 1
Smoking Body Ephemera Cosmetic 1
Synthula64.png Synthula Resource (1)
Total 7 (+1)
Research Ghost Clan x1   Shadow Clan x3   Storm Clan x10   Mountain Clan x30   Moon Clan x100

Last updated: Hotfix 29.9.1

Notes[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Old "Nitain" icon.

  • Prior to Hotfix 25.7.6, Vitus Essence's icon was a recolored Nitain Extract icon.
    • Similarly, while Nitain Extract is internally labeled as "Alertium", Vitus Essence is labeled as "Elitium" – Arbitrations were originally workshopped under the moniker of Elite Alerts.
  • Vitus means "of life" in Latin, the item's name can be taken literally as essence of life.

Patch History[edit | edit source]

Hotfix 25.7.6

Reward and Rotation Changes
  • Arbiter Drones will now have a small chance to drop Vitus Essence on kill.
    • Vitus Essence dropped by destroyed Arbitration drones will have the special pickup notification.
New Arbitration Rewards
  • Added 3 x Vitus Essence bundle to the Arbitrations drop table.

Update 24.8

General Arbitrations Changes
  • Reduced Vitus Essence crafting cost for the Amber Star Blueprint from 2 to 1.

Update 24.0

  • A reusable Ayatan Amber Star Blueprint (available for 10 Vitus Essence) is purchasable from the Arbiters of Hexis in the Relay.

Hotfix 23.10.2

  • Fixed Arbitration missions rewarding the incorrect amount of Vitus Essence at End Of Mission.

Update 23.10

  • Introduced.

Last updated: Hotfix 25.7.6

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