Vigilante Armaments is a set mod that increases Multishot for primary weapons.

When equipped simultaneously with other Vigilante set mods, a set bonus is activated; A chance (up to +30%) to enhance the critical chance for primary weapons. This effect causes the tier of critical hits to be upgraded: yellow critical hits become orange critical hits, and orange critical hits become red critical hits, etc.


Rank Multishot Cost
0 +10% 4
1 +20% 5
2 +30% 6
3 +40% 7
4 +50% 8
5 +60% 9


  • This mod can be equipped on both Rifles (as well as its subcategories; bows, sniper rifles, and launchers) and Shotguns.
  • Works with Razorwing130xDark Razorwing and ArtemisBow130xDark Artemis Bow. The latter being a very good choice since Artemis Bow benefits greatly from critical hits and multishot.



Patch History

Update 22.0
  • Introduced.
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