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Veso, also known as Veso-R, is a Corpus Tech[1] introduced in The New War.

He is one of the characters that will be controllable by the player during the quest, armed with a Plinx.png Plinx, Prova8point2.png Prova, and a Corpus Data Pad that can summon and issue orders to nearby robotic units.


Veso is a Corpus survivor during the Sentient invasion of the Origin System. Serving under Alad V, Veso contacts him after Alad V asks for any remaining Techs aboard to narrow-band him at once. Alad V tasks him with breaking fire control from the fleet as his command overrides aren't working, getting Veso's name wrong and calling him "Veko" in the process. After correcting Alad's mistake, Veso heads to a trace conduit. Using his Data Pad, he breaks through the ship's wreckage using an explosive Test MOA. He then encounters rogue MOAs that are under Sentient control and informs Alad that their grid has been breached. Alad says that he'll send some "meat-crews" to aid Veso, adding that he still needs the override while forgetting Veso's name again.

Fighting past more rogue robotics, he successfully hacks one of the override conduits using another Test MOA. While heading to the next conduit, he encounters more of the ship that has been taken over by Sentient control, including a laser grid that needed to be disabled with another MOA, and Turrets that gun down two Prod Crewmen. Veso destroys the Turrets with the help of an Axio MOA from a nearby cabinet. After breaking through more wreckage, he is contacted again by Alad. Getting Veso's name wrong yet again, Alad is dismayed that "Teko" has not yet disengaged the fire control. Veso begins to question his orders and gets confused over Alad's repeated desire to disengage the fire control. Alad responds by saying that they're about to be under "new managment" (in reference to the Sentient invasion), and threatens to replace Veso with a more forward-thinking replacement if he doesn't comply.

Veso continues through the ship, encountering Crewmen engaging the rogue Corpus robotics. After fighting past some of the robotics with them, his path is then blocked by two Bursas and a Shield Osprey. A Test MOA, Axio MOA, and his own Shield Osprey arrive to aid him. The events that follow are currently unknown.


  • Veso was first revealed in the Gameplay Trailer for The New War at TennoCon 2021. He is one of three known playable characters during the quest, along with Kahl-175 and Teshin.
  • Veso has markings on his helmet similar to Corpus Tech Eximus units and The Sergeant.


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