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Hidden and entrenched in the mountainous peaks of Venus, the Corpus practice their industrious craft. The superstructures built here are a testament to the inventive Corpus engineers that have settled in regions where lingering Orokin technologies still moderates surface temperatures.
—Venus Fragment

Venus is a planet which has the IconCorpusOn.png Corpus as the controlling faction.

Venus is the second planet that a player can unlock. Venus becomes accessible by defeating the Specter in the Venus Junction on Earth after completing the required tasks.

The Assassination Target of the planet is the Jackal, located in the mission node Fossa. Jackal drops the component blueprints for the parts of the RhinoIcon272.png Rhino Warframe.

Venus is also home to Fortuna and the related open-world Orb Vallis. These areas were added in Update 24.0 (2018-11-08).

Vesper Relay Status
PC PSN Xbox Nintendo Switch
Destroyed Destroyed Protected Protected


Invasion Missions: The Infested will always appear as an "Opposing" faction during Invasion missions.

Spy Missions: Special enemy variants have a chance of spawning during Spy missions.

IconCorpusOn.png Corpus Infestation w.svg Infested


Target Name Type Level Tile Set Mastery EXP Internal Name
IconTenno.png Fortuna Hub 0 - 0 Fortuna 0 SolarisUnitedHub1
IconTenno.png Mercury Junction Solar Rail Junction 1 - 3 Solar Rail 1000 VenusToMercuryJunction
IconCorpusB.svg E Gate Exterminate 3 - 5 Corpus Outpost 18 SolNode128
IconCorpusB.svg Cytherean Interception 3 - 8 Corpus Ship 18 SolNode23
IconCorpusB.svg Tessera Defense 3 - 8 Corpus Outpost 18 SolNode22
IconCorpusB.svg Kiliken Excavation 3 - 8 Corpus Outpost 18 SolNode101
IconCorpusB.svg V Prime Survival 3 - 8 Corpus Ship 18 SolNode123
IconCorpusB.svg Montes Exterminate 3 - 8 Corpus Ship (Archwing) 18 SolNode902
IconCorpusB.svg Unda Spy 4 - 6 Corpus Outpost 18 SolNode66
IconCorpusB.svg Linea Rescue 5 - 7 Corpus Outpost 18 SolNode109
IconCorpusB.svg Venera Capture 5 - 7 Corpus Outpost 18 SolNode107
IconCorpusB.svg Aphrodite Mobile Defense 6 - 8 Corpus Outpost 18 SolNode2
Jackal sigil b.png Fossa Assassination 6 - 8 Corpus Ship 18 SolNode104
IconCorpusB.svg Ishtar Sabotage 6 - 8 Corpus Ship 24 SolNode61
IconInfestedB.svg Malva Survival (Dark Sector) 8 - 18 Corpus Ship 18 ClanNode1
IconInfestedB.svg Romula Defense (Dark Sector) 8 - 18 Corpus Outpost 18 ClanNode0
SolarisUnitedSigil.png Orb Vallis Free Roam 10 - 30 Orb Vallis 24 SolNode129


  • Early on in the game prior to being able to consistently access the Void tileset, the Dark Sectors on Romula and Malva are an easy way for new players to earn more credits than on a standard mission.


  • Venus itself is named after the Roman Goddess of love. The names of its missions are from a variety of sources, with a few exceptions:
    • Various geological formations on the planet's surface (Tessera, Aphrodite, Ishtar).
    • Mythological figures and concepts associated with the goddess (Vesper, Cytherean, Aphrodite).
    • Exploration Programs aimed at studying Venus itself (Venera).
    • A long, narrow depression on the surface of an extraterrestrial body (Fossa).
    • Malva is a feminine Greek name that means "soft".
    • The name Romula could relate to Romulus, one of the founders of Rome and the mythological son of Venus herself.
    • Ishtar is the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war.
  • In reality, the surface of Venus is way too hot to support life. However, Fragments obtained from Venus show that the Orokin cooled the planet enough for life to thrive.
    • This is further confirmed during the quest Vox Solaris, where it is shown that the Corpus utilize ancient Orokin coolant towers to regulate Venus's temperature.
    • The New War also suggests that the Corpus have been utilizing these devices incorrectly. Notably, after gaining control of the planet, Narmer raised Venus's temperature to a more habitable level, causing grass and trees to spread across the surface.

Patch History

Update 19.0 (2016-11-11)

  • Venus - V Prime is now a Survival mission instead of Rescue due to there only being one low tier Survival mission.