For the Warframe, see Revenant.
  • Excalibur performing Lone Vengeance.
  • Excalibur performing Impending Dread.
  • Excalibur performing Rising Hate.
  • Excalibur performing Drowning Despair.

Vengeful Revenant is a stance mod for Sword type weapons.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity

Combos Edit

Combo Name Button Combination
Impending Dread BlackBasex64300%BlackBasex64200%BlackBasex64300%PurpleBasex64Impact b300%PurpleBasex64Knockdown b300%
Lone Vengeance* BlackUpx64( BlackBasex64BlackBasex64200%PurpleBasex64Slash bPurpleBasex64Impact b200%)
Drowning Despair* (BlackUpx64+  BlackBlockx64)( BlueBasex641x 300%1x 100% Impact b  PurpleBasex641x 300%2x 50% Impact b  PurpleBasex64Knockdown b300%)
Rising Hate* BlackBlockx64( BlueBasex641x 100%1x 400%  PurpleBasex64Invalid200% RedBasex64300%)
Perfect Cut  PurpleChargex64Lifted b500%BlackChargex64Knockdown b500%

Spiral Cut Slide + BlueBasex64Impact b

Weightless Steel In Air + BlackBasex64200%BlackBasex64200%BlackBasex64Knockdown b300%

Weightless Steel Wall Dash + BlackBasex64Knockdown b300%

Death's Mark Knocked Down Enemy + PurpleBasex64Slash b250%
BlueBasex64 360° Attack  RedBasex64 Slam Attack  PurpleBasex64 Proc

 Melee Attacks

BlackBasex64   Melee  
BlackBlockx64   Block  
BlackUpx64   Forward  
BlackChargex64 Heavy Attack  
BlackPausex64   Pause  

 Multipliers and Hits

BlackBasex64200%   Attack does double damage  
BlackBasex642x   Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b   Knockdown  
Ragdoll b   Ragdoll  
Lifted b   Lifted  
Finisher b   Ground Finisher  


  • Like other stance mods, it can be acquired from weekly Conclave Missions.


  • This is the first, and currently the only Stance to not feature a playable Warframe as its subject, instead featuring the Stalker. It also shows the Orokin Moon tileset, rather than the Clan Dojo like the other Stance mods.
    • Although the image uses the Stalker wielding StalkerTwoSword Broken War, he is never seen using that weapon.
  • The stance is named for a monster from European folklore called the Revenant, an undead but lucid person who haunts the living to try and fulfill a purpose, usually revenge.
  • The names of the stance's 3 main combos, as well as the stance's descriptions all reference the Stalker's arsenal prior to completing The Second Dream; Dread2 Dread, DEStalkerScythe Hate, and Despair Despair.
    • The move Drowning Despair is misspelled as Dispair when committing mod Fusion.


Patch NotesEdit

Update 18.0
  • Introduced.

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