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AladVPortrait d.png
“Market forces dictate that you need to evolve or die.”
Vectis Prime is Vaulted.
The Void Relics for this item have been removed from the drop tables and do not drop during gameplay at this time. Vaulted Void Relics already contained in player inventories are not affected and can still be either opened or traded between players.

Once thought destroyed, the newly uncovered Vectis Prime revives Tenno martial traditions.

The Vectis Prime is the Prime version of the Vectis.png Vectis sniper rifle, featuring higher base damage, fire rate, and zoom, and a doubled magazine, but with a higher combo count requirement. It was released alongside Ash PrimeIcon272.png Ash Prime and Carrier Prime.


  • This weapon deals primarily DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture damage.
  • Two zoom modes:
    • First zoom has 3.5x zoom distance and +40% headshot damage.
    • Second zoom has 6.0x zoom distance and +60% headshot damage.
    • Zoom is not cancelled during reload.
  • Staggers most enemies with every hit.
  • Innate Madurai Pol.svg and Naramon Pol.svg polarities.
  • Good candidate for Mod TT 20px.png Charged Chamber and/or Mod TT 20px.png Primed Chamber due to its magazine size of two rounds, or one round with Mod TT 20px.png Depleted Reload.


  • Fastest reload speed of all sniper rifles.
  • Good ammo economy.
  • Pinpoint accuracy while zoomed in; shots will hit exactly on the reticle dot, perfect for headshots.
  • Innate 1 meter punch through.
  • Unzoomed
    • High crit chance
    • High damage
    • Very high reload speed
    • Above average status chance
  • 3.5x Zoom
    • Above average crit chance
    • Above average effective fire rate
    • Above average damage
    • High reload speed
    • Above average status chance
  • 6x Zoom
    • High crit chance
    • Above average effective fire rate
    • High damage
    • High reload speed


  • Has linear damage falloff from 100% to 50% from 400m to 600m target distance (distances are affected by Projectile Speed).
  • Tied with Komorex.png Komorex for the largest shot combo requirement of all sniper rifles.
  • High recoil, which may make it difficult to fire a follow-up shot, especially at higher zoom levels.
  • Draws from the rare sniper ammo pool.
  • Unzoomed
    • Very low magazine
    • Below average effective fire rate
    • Very low max ammo
    • Very low disposition
  • 3.5x Zoom
    • Very low magazine
    • Low max ammo
    • Low disposition
  • 6x Zoom
    • Very low magazine
    • Low max ammo
    • Low disposition


  • Vectis Prime (3.5x Zoom), compared to Vectis (3x Zoom):
    • Higher base damage per projectile (350 vs. 225)
      • Higher DmgImpactSmall64.png Impact damage (140 vs. 90)
      • Higher DmgPunctureSmall64.png Puncture damage (157.5 vs. 78.75)
      • Lower DmgSlashSmall64.png Slash damage (52.5 vs. 56.25)
    • Higher total damage (350 vs. 225)
    • Higher base critical chance (30.00% vs. 25.00%)
    • Higher average damage per tap (455 vs. 281.25)
    • Higher burst DPS (1214.85 vs. 281.25)
    • Higher sustained DPS (505.81 vs. 168.75)
    • Higher fire rate (2.67 vs. 1.5)
    • Larger magazine (2 vs. 1)
    • Faster reload time (0.85 vs. 1)
    • More polarities (Madurai Pol.svgNaramon Pol.svg vs. Madurai Pol.svg)
    • Higher Mastery Rank required (14 vs. 2)
    • Lower disposition (●●○○○ (0.85x) vs. ●●●○○ (1.10x))
    • Higher zoom distance (3.5x/6x vs. 3x/4.5x)
    • Higher zoom headshot damage (40%/60% vs. 30%/50%)


Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi refer to Void Relics  |  (V) Denotes Vaulted Void Relics  |  (B) Denotes Baro Ki'Teer Exclusive Void Relic
Vectis Prime's Relic Drops
VectisPrime.png Blueprint GenericGunPrimeBarrel.png Barrel GenericGunPrimeStock.png Stock GenericGunPrimeReceiver.png Receiver
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith A1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo A1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo A4 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi C1 Common (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi H1 Common (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi T1 Common (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith V7 Common (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo N1 Common (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi V2 Rare (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi V3 Rare (V)
VoidRelicGoldIcon64.png Axi V4 Rare (V)
VoidRelicIronIcon64.png Lith V8 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicSilverIcon64.png Neo B1 Uncommon (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso V1 Rare (V)
VoidRelicBronzeIcon64.png Meso V6 Rare (V)

Manufacturing Requirements
Time: 12 hrs
Rush: Platinum64.png 50
MarketIcon.png Market Price: Platinum64.png N/A Blueprint2.svg Blueprints Price:N/A


  • On May 24th, 2017, it was announced that Vectis Prime, alongside Ash PrimeIcon272.png Ash Prime and Carrier Prime, would enter the Prime Vault and be retired from the reward tables on May 30th, 2017. Any preexisting components or fully-built weapons will remain as is.
  • On October 12th 2017, Vectis Prime was obtainable as a Twitch Drop reward with The Great Eidolon Hunt event.
  • On October 16th, 2018, Vectis Prime, FangPrime.png Fang Prime and an exclusive Sugatra were released as Twitch Prime benefits.
  • On November 19, 2019, Vectis Prime was unvaulted as part of the Ash & Vauban Prime Vault; it re-entered the Prime Vault February 11, 2020.


  • Due to the fact that it has two rounds per magazine instead of the Vectis' single round, Mod TT 20px.png Charged Chamber and Mod TT 20px.png Primed Chamber are less effective without the use of manual reloading.
    • Manual reloading also cannot be optimally performed due to the recoil animation after the first shot, which prevents the performance of an immediate reload. This can be circumvented by using the Mod TT 20px.png Depleted Reload mod, which reduces the magazine size of the Vectis Prime to 1, and increases reload speed (note, this alone will not affect reload delay, only the actual animation after the delay). However, this will slightly drop the weapon's DPS, due to the reload delay; a cursed riven, without fire rate or reload, will, in isolation, decrease it more strongly.
  • The Vectis Prime's forced Stagger counts as a status proc for Mod TT 20px.png Galvanized Aptitude.
  • The Vectis Prime has superior zoom capabilities to the Vectis, having a 6x maximum magnification compared to the Vectis' 4.5, while still maintaining a 3.5x minimum zoom for mid-range shooting.
  • The Vectis Prime has the largest shot combo requirement of the sniper rifles, needing 5 shots to initiate the 1.5x damage multiplier.
Combo Counter Bonus Tier Total Base Damage Multiplier Minimum Consecutive

Hits Required

1 1.5x 5
2 2.0x 15
3 2.5x 45
4 3.0x 135
5 3.5x 405
6 4.0x 1215
7 4.5x 3675
8 5.0x 11025


  • Vectis is Latin for "Bar" or "Pole", referring to a locking bar (or bolt), a leveraging bar such as a Crowbar, or possibly referring to a carrying pole. Or that it's supposed to be a bolt action rifle
  • The Vectis Prime has a bipod, as opposed to the monopod on the normal Vectis. This might suggest that this rifle would be more precise and have less recoil because of the extra support from the bipod. It is purely cosmetic, however.


Vectis Prime Skins Edit

Patch History[]

Update 22.12 (2018-02-09)

  • Mastery Rank increased from 3 to 14.
  • Damage increased from 325 to 350.
  • Critical chance increased from 25% to 30%.

Hotfix 22.0.6 (2017-10-18)

  • Reduced the headshot damage of the Vectis series in Conclave.

Update 22.0 (2017-10-12)

General Sniper Changes
  • Reticle sway removed from all zoom levels!
  • 1 meter punch through added to all snipers without any to start with (snipers with innate punch through unchanged).
  • 1 combo count removed at a time when duration runs out instead of all of them (decay vs. cooldown).
  • 1 combo count removed on miss instead of all of them
  • Additional bullets from multishot will each count as their own hits and misses in the combo counter
  • Combo duration reduced to 2 seconds for all snipers apart from Lanka which is reduced to 6
  • Damage fall off begins at 400 meters and ends at 600 meters with damage reduced to 50% past 600 meters.
Specific Sniper Weapon Changes - Vectis Prime
  • Fire rate increased from 1.5 to 2.67.
  • First level zoom +15% Damage replaced with +35% Head Shot Damage.
  • First level zoom reduced from 4x to 3.5x.
  • Second level zoom 20% Damage replaced with +55% Head Shot Damage.
  • Second level zoom reduced from 10x to 6x.
  • Next round is chambered immediately after firing instead of waiting for fire rate to cycle.

Update 16.11 (2015-07-07)

  • Introduced.

See also[]

  • Vectis.png Vectis, the original counterpart of this gun.
  • Prime, the Orokin enhancement to a Warframe or weapon.