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VaykorMarelokCodex.png|Vaykor Marelok in Codex.
VaykorMarelokCodex.png|Vaykor Marelok in Codex.

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Vaykor Marelok
Weapon Slot Secondary
Weapon Type Pistol
Trigger Type Semi-Auto
Fire Rate 2 rounds/sec
Magazine Size 10 rounds/mag
Normal Attacks
Impact wImpact 96.0
Puncture wPuncture 16.0
Slash wSlash 48.0
Crit Chance 20.0%
Introduced Update 15.5
Taken from defeated Grineer commanders and rebuilt to improve combat efficiency and reliability.

The Vaykor Marelok is a Marelok variant available only from Steel Meridian. Boasting a larger magazine, critical chance and status chance, the Vaykor Marelok also comes with an innate Justice effect.


This weapon deals mostly Impact b Impact damage.


  • Very high base damage. Primarily Impact b Impact and Slash b Slash damage.
  • Second-highest status chance of any secondary weapons (behind the Tysis).
  • Good critical chance.
  • Very good ammunition efficiency.
  • Decent rate of fire; approximately twice as fast as the Lex.
  • A Madurai Pol and Vazarin Pol polarity slot.
  • Has an innate Justice effect. See the Weapon Augment Mods page for more details.
  • High status chance.


  • Somewhat low accuracy over long range.
  • Low Puncture b Puncture damage.


  • Vaykor Marelok, compared to the Marelok:
    • Equal base damage (160 vs. 160).
      • Slightly higher Impact b Impact damage (96.0 vs. 80.0).
      • Slightly lower Slash b Slash damage (48.0 vs. 64.0).
    • Larger magazine size (10 rounds vs. 6 rounds).
    • Slightly higher critical chance (20.0% vs. 15.0%).
    • Slightly higher status chance (35.0% vs. 30.0%).
    • Has an additional Vazarin Pol polarity.
    • Innate Justice effect.


  • The Vaykor Marelok can be acquired by reaching the Rank of General with Steel Meridian, and spending 100,000 Standing to purchase.
  • As of Update 15.5.7, unused and unranked Syndicate weapons can be traded.

Weapon Loadouts

Main article: Category:Vaykor Marelok Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • The Vaykor Marelok has an innate Justice effect identical to that found in Steel Meridian Weapon Augment Mods. Upon accumulating sufficient affinity, the Vaykor Marelok will release an AoE radial blast that deals Blast b Blast damage and staggers enemies for Finisher attacks, restores 25% of the Warframe's maximum Health, and temporarily buffs maximum Armor by 25% for 30 seconds.


  • The Vaykor Marelok is a great side arm for dealing with enemies at short to mid range for players who have a sniper rifle or bow for their primary weapon. Vaykor Marelok's firepower is strong enough to be considered a sub-primary weapon.
  • When used with Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent, Pistol Pestilence, Jolt, Frostbite and Scorch mods, the Vaykor Marelok is capable of reaching 100% Status Chance, effectively proccing at least two, if not three, status effects per shot.


Warframe Vaykor Marelok 3 Forma update 15.5

Warframe Vaykor Marelok 3 Forma update 15.5.7

  • Vaykor Marelok in Codex.

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