• "Inventory, secrets and scars. No need to put them all on display."
  • "The kicker isn't that you kids brought down an Empire. It's that half of you don't remember doing it."
  • "Rumours were true. The vault of history is open."
  • "Ha, look at you, looking so fine. No wonder your uncle Teshin's proud."
  • "We're on the verge of war. Take your sweetness where you can."
  • "Tempting Old War treasures on display."
  • "After that Sentient scum nearly killed me, I swore I'd never take anything for granted. Not a breath, not a wink... not a kiss."
  • "It's fine if all you want is a training warframe, instead of a Prime. We all start somewhere."
  • "Aya, regular and Regal, bring it here. Ayatans to the sweet thing over there."
  • "Whatever Tenno and Dax may have been to one another in the past, that's in the past."


  • "Tenno. Remember me? We never got introduced. Name's Varzia. Former Dax. Was on ice 'til our mutual friend over there popped my pod. Wasn't too happy about waking up with all my friends dead... and a headache bigger than Hunhow's ass hahaha, but a looker as sweet as Maroo... yeah, can help you forget anything. Huh... You're not here for my life story. You're hunting antiquities, right? Primes. I can make that happen. If you bring me Aya.


  • "You have my attention."
  • "Can't ever be sure what I'll trawl up. Seems to come in waves."
  • "Been behaving yourself?"
  • "Let's see who we can dredge up from the dim, dark past."
  • "Alrighty. Let's make some memories."

If Equipped with Prime Gear[]

  • "Haha, seeing one of you wearing a Prime always takes me back."
  • "Always feels like meeting an old friend, regardless of who's wearing them."
  • "Now here's a Tenno who looks after their frames."
  • "Stand up straight, now. Let me look at you."


  • "Don't sweat the Dax thing. My oaths died with the Golden Lords. Looking this good in uniform, oh is just a bonus."
  • "Some Warframes were Prime from the start. Others earned it. Ballas never told the whole truth."
  • "'S weird. I barely remember the faces of the Seven. But that black-sash Yaskutai who served our mess table? Ha, every little bead of her sweat stands out like a diamond in my mind..."
  • "My time is past, but damn, I miss the heft of a weapon... the stench of super heated plasma. Uh, I'd be fighting alongside you if I didn't have this thieving little miscreant to watch over. You can bet on it."
  • "Not looking to settle any old scores with your kind, Tenno. Working with Aya... I saw the way your amps carved people I loved in two. Don't think I didn't. But... we're all different people now."
  • "When your life's on the line and you're staring down that raging Eidolon, nothing will keep you in one piece better than a Prime. If you value your shiny ass, bring me that Aya."
  • "The Orokin were inhumane scum. The absolute dregs. But sweet tender mercy, could they design. The Primes they created have never been matched."
  • "Primes were reserved for the Prime Vanguard. The best of the best, and the rest... are adequate, I guess. If you're satisfied with merely adaquate."
  • "Teshin's like his blade, if you ask me. Cold, hard, and in desperate need of a good grinding."
  • "You know how it is to serve in silence. We SAW things. The Yuvan Theatre. The Naberus Revels. Not the kind of things you can... convey... to people who just weren't there. Am I right?"
  • "I wear the uniform because I believe in the principles we died for. But the day will come when I take if off and lay it to rest. Hahaha, and, if I'm too bloody-minded, hopefully some pretty thing is there to do it for me."
  • "You could live a thousand years and never wake to a face like hers. I slept a thousand and look what I got. What do you think? A career con like her and an old Dax like me?"
  • "We need to be ready for the sentients this time. I already got out of one coffin. So no stinking machine is going to put me in another."
  • "Teshin. I dunno if I wanna slam him against a wall or have him slam me against one."
  • "I see there's been a whole lot of... valiant attempts to make Frames up to the Prime standard since my time. Bless them. They did the best they could with what they had."

Purchasing an item[]

  • "From memory to reality, quick as a bowshot."
  • "Ah, glad to see it back in action."
  • "By the glory and wisdom of the Seven, yadda yadda yadda."
  • "Here. Fresh from the past."
  • "Memory's a tricksy thing, but I think you'll do fine."
  • "The Orokin made you bleed for Primes. You've bled enough."
  • "May the Void bring you what you need."


  • "Ah, kid. I'd trade all this Prime gear for a few shards of seriglass, a hammer, and five minutes alone with whoever gilded bastard gave the Sentients the key to the Reservoir. Erra hurt me. But if you kids hadn't showed up, he'd have killed me... and in my book, that means I owe ya. So. Here I am."


  • "Whippings. Massacres. Executions. All their favorite memories. That's what the Orokin used those pretty Ayatans for. Channeling Aya, the essence of memory. I just love watching Maroo melt them down. Erasing the Orokin, piece by piece. Some things deserve to be forgotten. Forever."


  • "Orokin sequencing medium. Pricks used it to archive everything. Memories, evidence... Warframes. The Orokin can rot in their own filth, but those Prime 'frames? They deserve to live again... and Regal Aya can make that happen. With Regal Aya, this Foundry can reconstruct you a Prime Warframe yanked straight from my time. As real as my pretty face in front of yours. No guesswork."

Viewing wares[]

  • "The Prime Vanguard. The Pride of Empire. And the end of it. Hell of a thing."
  • "Might want to refine any Relics you get. For luck."
  • "You're not going to settle for a rank-and-file Warframe, are ya? Not when you could have Vanguard class?"
  • "Primes. As bright as if they were forged yesterday."
  • "Not sure I should let you handle these goods with all that Orokin blood on your hands. Kidding! I'm glad they're dead and I hope it hurt. I never got tired of watching that."
  • "Nothing left to chance if you're bringing Regal Aya."
  • "If you're here for Relics, you might have to crack a few before you get what you're after."
  • "Let's talk about the good stuff. For old time's sake."
  • "No guarantees with Void Relics. Just like life."

Exiting wares without purchasing[]

  • "Ah, no pressure, but this stuff might not be here next time."
  • "In your own time."
  • "Good. Don't rush into things."
  • "Save your shot until you're sure of your target."
  • "You choose when you're good and ready."
  • "The circling hawk may choose its prey at its leisure."
  • "Damn. Sure I can't tempt you?"


  • "Don't go leaving anything unsaid."
  • "Don't let your uncle Teshin down, now."
  • "Well... good luck."
  • "Enjoy your future."
  • "Make me proud."