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Varzia Dax is a former Dax soldier who now resides in Maroo's Bazaar as a vendor to provide Primed items to the Tenno.



Erra (Quest)[]

Varzia was a surviving Dax soldier of a Sentient invasion on Lua during The Old War[2], shown trying to avoid falling structure in a cave under Lua. She had an encounter with the humanoid Sentient Erra, who tried to finish her off by crushing her head with his bare hands. Natah, Erra's sister, as the Lotus at the time, arrived on the cave, accompanied by a group of Tenno, and ordered Erra to let go of Varzia. Erra was horrified to see his sister viewing him as an enemy, blaming the Tenno for making her turn against her family, but he, nonetheless, let go of the Dax soldier. The Tenno defeated Erra, and Varzia was saved. Her helmet was damaged in the process.

Current Warframe Era[]

After the end of The Old War and the fall of the Orokin, Varzia got tired of combat and has chosen to use her familiarity with Orokin technology to reinforce Tenno Arsenals, and is residing in Maroo's Bazaar as a vendor.


  • Similar somewhat to Baro Ki'Teer, Varzia's dialogue changes when meeting with Tenno depending if they talk to her in a Prime Warframe or not. Unlike the Void Trader, Varzia does not look down on Tenno without Primes, but she does compliment those who do.
  • Her statement of some warframes earning the status of Prime conflicts with the official website and Prime Access information stating that Non-Prime Warframes and gear are based on the original Orokin designs. This can be explained by her or Dax soldiers that werent bodyguards treated the Warframe and Tenno as one, just as most other characters, quests and the Leverian do.


  • Varzia Dax would appear to be canonically bisexual, making flirtatious comments about both Teshin and Maroo.
  • As of Teshin's (possible) death by the hands of Erra in The New War, Varzia is the last known Dax to be alive.


Patch History[]

Update 31.5 (2022-04-27)

  • Twitch Drop inbox messages are now sent by the Primed vendor Varzia - a task for another noble Dax!

Hotfix 30.9.4 (2021-11-16)

  • Introduced.


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