A helmet for the Valkyr Warframe, designed by Cheshire.

—In-game description

Cheetah is a TennoGen alternative helmet for ValkyrIcon272.png Valkyr.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

This item is available only to players whose Warframe accounts are linked with Steam, and will need to be purchased with Steam Wallet credit, or other methods available via Steam.

Currency Price
USD $5.99
EUR €5.99
GBP £4.79
AUD A$6.89
RUB ₽149.99
CAD $6.49
PHP ₱199.95
IDR Rp55,999.00
SGD $6.50
JPY ¥598.00
INR ₹299.00
CNY ¥25.00
BRL R$11,99
KRW ₩6,500.00

For Console players, this item can be purchased for Platinum64.png75 from the Marketplace, or as part of TennoGen Bundle V for Platinum64.png875.

Equipping[edit | edit source]

To equip the helmet, go into the "Arsenal" page, then click on 'Appearance' tab, the Helmet will be the first item in the section labeled 'Physique'.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The cheetah is a large cat known for being the fastest land animal on Earth by a considerable margin, capable of speeds up to 120 km/hr (though only in short bursts). This fits Valkyr's cat theme, as well as her mechanics (explosive bursts of activity, but with limited duration).

Media[edit | edit source]

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