Remnants of the bonds that restrained the original Valkyr during her time in 'the lab'. A reminder to never forget the torment.

—In-Game Description

Valkyr's Bonds are a set of unique cosmetic attachments – restraints from the Zanuka Project – exclusively for ValkyrIcon272 Valkyr.


Valkyr's Bonds can be purchased from the Market for Platinum6450, or as part of the Berserker Bundle for Platinum64744.


To equip Valkyr's Bonds, first go into the Arsenal page and go to Valkyr's Appearance tab. Under 'Physique', select Attachments, then select Auxiliary.


  • The ends of the cables spark occasionally, though this is purely visual.


  • Valkyr's Kara Helmet bears a strong resemblance to Valkyr's Bonds, most notable the cables protruding from the back. Wearing both gives an idea of how Alad V performed his tests and operated on the frame.
  • In Update 16.5, Valkyr's Bonds were made an Auxiliary cosmetic, allowing them to be equipped simultaneously with any Syandana.


  • Valkyr's Update 11.0 teaser poster, showcasing Valkyr's Bonds.

Patch HistoryEdit

Hotfix: Recurring Nightmares 1
  • Fixed not being able to purchase Valkyr’s Bonds in the Market.

Update: Recurring Nightmares

  • Fixed Valkyr’s Bonds being missing from the Market and not being able to equip them on Valkyr.

Hotfix 16.5.2

  • Valkyr's Bonds can no longer be enhanced with Arcanes.

Update 16.5

  • Changed from a Syandana into an Auxiliary cosmetic.

Update 11.0

  • Introduced along with Valkyr.
Last updated: Hotfix 22.17.4

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