Vacuum is a Sentinel mod that pulls in Pickups, Ammo, and Mods toward the Warframe from farther away.


Rank Range Cost
0 6.5m 2
1 7.5m 3
2 8.5m 4
3 9.5m 5
4 10.5m 6
5 11.5m 7


Vacuum does not drop from any enemy, and is not obtainable from any mission. Instead, you will be given one copy every time you claim a Sentinel from your Foundry.

Mission Drop Tables

Mission Type Source Rotations
Drop Table
Chance[1] Quantity[2] Avg. per roll[3] Star Chart Nodes

Enemy Drop Tables

Enemy Drop Table Chance[4] Item Chance[5] Chance[6] Expected Kills[7] Quantity[8] Avg. per roll attempt[9]

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  • Vacuum will still function while the Companion is Incapacitated.
  • Leveling this mod will increase a Sentinel's gather-link range, causing it to bring items to the player.
  • At max level Vacuum has a range of 11.5 in-game meters in all directions.
    • A rank 0 has only half the range but an extremely low capacity cost.
  • If you start out with max ammo and go through a magazine, a Sentinel will only use Vacuum when you reload as it only refills ammo towards your total ammo pool and not your magazine.
  • A Sentinel will loot ammo pickups, as well as health and energy orbs, when you fall below maximum of the equivalent stat. It will only bring the minimum amount of pickups needed to restore each stat to full but does not have any minimum threshold for triggering: even if you are only missing one unit of ammo/health/energy, it will still draw a pickup, potentially wasting the vast majority of the pickup's value. Consider deliberately avoiding such pickups until you can make more efficient use of them.
    • Likewise, being affected by a DmgMagneticSmall64 Magnetic proc drains energy and does not disable Vacuum's pickup, causing it to draw in energy orbs, which are expended uselessly, potentially wasting vast amounts of energy.
  • Ammo Mutations will work with Vacuum.
  • If affected by Confusion from DmgRadiationSmall64 Radiation, Vacuum will be disabled until the effect runs out. In addition, even after the effect ends, items currently in range to be gathered will still not be collected until you run out of and back into the valid collection range.
  • As long as you're sprinting forward, the loot a Sentinel pulls to you will float by it but not be claimed until you slow down for the loot to catch up. On occasion, loot may stop and remain floating in the air, usually due to a Sentinel re-using the ability or using a different ability. [Needs verification due to Hotfix 24.0.2 (2018-11-09) changing how Vacuum works]
  • A Sentinel will use the vacuum ability and loot if you are in the Rift Plane, even if the Sentinel itself is in the Rift Plane, however, you will not be able to collect these items until you are no longer in the Rift Plane.
  • With the addition of Update 12.0 (2014-02-05), Vacuum now makes a sound.
  • As of Update 22.0 (2017-10-12), Vacuum can pick up Reactant.
  • Vacuum does not attract the following objects, thus they must be picked up manually;
  • As of Hotfix 24.0.2 (2018-11-09) this mod now gathers items to the Warframe.


  • In Update: The Vacuum Within (2016-10-05), Vacuum was removed from Carrier and was replaced with Mod TT 20px Ammo Case, while the vacuum effect was applied to all Sentinels. In Hotfix: The Vacuum Within 2 (2016-10-06), Vacuum was returned to Mod form as an optional precept for all Sentinels.
  • Prior to Hotfix 24.0.2 (2018-11-09), the mod allowed Sentinels to collect pickups instead of increasing the player's pickup radius. In other words, pickups used to go towards the Sentinel instead of the player.


  • Sometimes Vacuum will not pick up mods, resources or health and energy orbs if there is no ammo to loot.


Patch History[]

Hotfix 32.1.2 (2022-11-04)

  • Intact Sentient Cores can now be picked up by Vacuum!
    • A QOL bump due to the amount of UI noise experienced in Archon Hunt missions (specifically Defense).

Hotfix 32.1.1 (2022-11-03)

Hotfix 24.0.2 (2018-11-09)

Vacuum/Fetch Changes
  • Both Vacuum and Fetch Mods now pull the items directly to the Warframe as opposed to the Sentinel/Pet. Pets in Warframe don’t mimic the same ‘follow’ logic like Sentinels, so they would end up running around with items instead of giving them to you. So basically very bad at fetching....

Update 22.14 (2018-03-01)

  • Vacuum now collects Atlas' rubble.

Hotfix 22.10.1 (2018-01-26)

  • Fixed Vacuum not working consistently for clients.

Update 22.4 (2017-11-23)

  • Fixed being able to Vacuum up the Sky Archwing Enablers in the Plains of Eidolon.

Update 21.5 (2016-08-16)

  • Vacuum is now disabled while in Undertow. This fixes vacuumed items blocking your view and you from pulling in enemies.

Hotfix 19.11.5 (2017-02-28)

  • Fixed not receiving the Vacuum Mod upon crafting Taxon.

Update 19.8 (2017-01-25)

  • Fixed pick-ups sometimes falling through the ground after being moved by Vacuum.
  • Fixed Host being able to Vacuum around items on Clients' screens and having items be stuck in the air where the Host last Vacuumed them to.

Hotfix: The Vacuum Within 2 (2016-10-06)

  • Vacuum is now an equippable Mod (Precept) for all Sentinels, range increased to 12m at max rank.

Update: The Vacuum Within (2016-10-05)

  • All sentinels now have a passive 6 meter Vacuum. No mod is required.
    • The exclusive precept of Carrier now is Mod TT 20px Ammo Case.

Update 18.10 (2016-04-29)

  • Vacuum is no longer able to pick up or affect the placement of Ayatan Stars.

Update 18.13 (2016-05-27)

  • Fixed Vacuum sometimes trying to collect Energy orbs when you were at max Energy capacity.

Update 18.10 (2016-04-29)

  • Vacuum now behaves in coorelation to the owning player's movement. It will not continuously vacuum the same spot for too long - your movement will trigger Vacuums.

Update 17.0 (2015-07-31)

  • Vacuum will no longer pick up items while the player is bleeding out.

Hotfix 16.6.1 (2015-05-28)

  • Fixed items vacuumed in becoming stuck to the Carrier.

Hotfix 16.5.4 (2015-05-14)

  • Fixed Vacuum not picking up Pigments.

Update 15.13 (2015-02-05)

  • Fixed Stamina orbs in the Dojo becoming vacuumed up for eternity.

Hotfix 11.5.2 (2013-12-20)

  • Fixed issue where Vacuum would try and suck up ammo drops if you had maximum ammo and the Codex Scanner equipped.

Hotfix 10.0.2 (2013-09-14)

  • Fixed Vacuum not collecting loot the host has picked up.

Update 10.0 (2013-09-13)

  • Introduced as a unique Carrier precept.

Last updated: Hotfix 24.0.2 (2018-11-09)

See also[]

  • Mod TT 20px Fetch, the equivalent mod for the Beast companions.
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