While the newest warframe, Revenant, is not a bad frame, he suffers  from the title of "one trick pony," this being his Danse Macabre. His other abilities or, in the long run, lackluster due to a couple serious flaws in his first ability Enthrall. First being the fact that they can be killed by allies and normal weapons. This severely undermines the ability since, most of the time, allies are going to be firing o all cylinders. This reduces the effective range of the thralls, minimizing the range of their usefulness not only as scape goats, but their damage potential. Changing the ability so that only Danse Macabre can kill them would drastically increase the usefulness in making thralls. Another change should the previous not be used is to make Enthrall work similarly to Equinox's Rest and Rage ability, with it being able to chain to multiple enemies.This would provide a much more steady stream of thralls to allow buffing to oneself and allies. Either of these changes would drastically increase the versatility of Revenant's kit, which would buff reave which, in turn, would buff Mesmer Skin due to restoration of mesmer charges. The fact that the majority of his kit relies on his first ability to truly shine without relying on Danse Macabre (because, lets admit this, we really only use Reave and Mesmer Skin to keep ourselves alive while channeling Danse Macabre) while the ability does not work well for synergy is not fun for the majority of players to experience.