Hey all, I'm kinda new here but I have had this idea for a while now, not sure if anyone has posted something similar before:

On the fly mod switching (as the title implies)

The idea here is that mobs now have greatly differing weaknesses, even within the same faction. For example, the bombards and napalm are weak to radiation, whilst the heavy gunner corrosive. I understand the point of this is to reduce the possibility of a super-op-effective-against-any-faction-laser-cannon and increase the need for teamwork and coordination, but at times, the current system seems lacking, especially if you're going up against higher level enemies.

I have also heard that DE is planning on allowing players to switch the pre-installed polarities on their weapons around, so as not to disadvantage those who formaed their weapons a dozen times before the elemental combinations were introduced.

So here's my idea - to include "different types" of formas. Of course, these should be balanced and not straight out increase damage (though that would be nice). Instead, they are meant to increase versatility of weapons and add more customization for players who might have reached the 'end-game'.

One of these new lineup of formas I have in mind is the toggle-able one (for the lack of a better name). The idea is that this 'forma' would mark the mod slot chosen (like a gear or something) but this is not meant to override the present polarity.

So for example if there is a V, this will coexist with it. Perhaps having a little symbol on the top left or bottom right. When a  player has two of these on his/her weapon, a hotkey can be assigned to 'switch' the two mods.

So for example if the player originally had (from left to right) toxic, electricity and fire - giving him/her corrosive and fire, he/she can swap this on the fly, in game, to get radiation and toxic - to better counter the enemies weaknesses.





This is entirely theoretical and I would be happy if you guys can give your creative feedback and productive criticism. Apologies for the wall of text, it's kinda hard to explain without examples.