Hello Tenno, My name is Kotayba and after a few months of work I have developed a site called TennoBattle.

What is TennoBattle

TennoBattle is basically a website where people can share their best relevant builds for different game modes/missions, the builds will be rated/discussed/categorized by the community and overseen by admins, you can see it as a "Wikipedia" for Warframe builds. A good example would be MetaBattle for Guild Wars 2.

You can see an overview of the endless category builds that we have so far: Endless Warframe Builds

The idea is that every build should start of in the “Draft” category until it’s ready to be rated. It then goes to the “Review” category where users can comment and rate the build. Once a build has reached a minimum of 5 votes it will be placed to the corresponding “Good” or “Great” category. Meta builds will be tagged as meta regardless of community rating.

What you can do on the Website (without being logged in)

  1. View existing builds/guides

What you can do on the Website (if you have an account)

  1. View existing builds/guides
  2. Creating new builds (loadouts)/guides
  3. Edit existing builds/guides
  4. Comment on builds/guides
  5. Rate builds
  6. Have your own personal user space where you could create your own complete builds


So basically, me and my friend started playing Warframe mid-2018 and couldn't find a good way to find complete builds/guides for the game. I'm aware of existing Warframe build editors but they are just partial build editors with not so much information about how to use/where to use/ the counters/ the relevance of the build/the arcanes of the build etc. and it's also not complete builds(loadouts) only single builds. Don't get me wrong there are good build editors out there but not much more other than that.

What is Missing?

You may find some bugs/missing mods/ missing functionality but we are continuously working on the website development and adding builds. Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or find any bugs.

The Future

We have huge plans for the future such as team builds (team loadouts) , guides. The website is mostly mobile optimized but this is still in work, mod bars might not look good on phone yet.


We have been developing TennoBattle for some time now and have got some feedback and admins, we are now seeking even more active admins that will help with creating builds/guides and administrating the website. Contact me here or on Discord if you are interested in an admin position and believe that you have the experience.


TennoBattle Discord:

My Discord: Wodoo#5918

Website link:

TLDR: Warframe Builds website

Wodoo (talk) 11:36, February 9, 2019 (UTC)

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