So hi, this is Vampiri and i just wanna give you my take on the post U18 lore and the reveals
made in the 2nd dream Quest. Be carefull this Blog will have MAJOR SPOILERS so if you don't want
to know anything beforehand better close that tab right now.

you still with me? good, then let us beginn. At first i wanna get a bit of terminology right
Operator refers to the Kid operating the Warframe, whilst Frame refers to the Frame as a standalone
entety. Tenno refers to both as an entety.

So at first i wanna go over the Somatic Link. since Somatic comes from the latin word somnus meaning
sleeping, I imagaine it to be some kind of dream State. The Operator Dreams to be the Frame.
He in his 'Dream' becomes the Warframe, whilst loosing control over his Body. This is supported by the
fact, then when we first encounter the Operator he seems to be limb. Especially the way he slides out
of the Pod-flower-thingy before our Warframe goes completly Limb. But i don't think this somatic
Link is required to operate a Warframe. I think the Operators, who are in fact kids form the Void
who got insane amounts of Power by accident, can also control the Frames by touching them and sending
their Void-Energy into the Frame. But this is only possible by touching the Warframe, thous making it
Ill suited for combat. The Orokin now found a way to Channel that power and make it controll
and usable. They build the Warframes and Created the somatic Link, a technology which allows the
Operator to channel its eneregy Over huge distances w/o any time lag whatsoever, at the small cost
of his concoussness and the inability to survive long outside of a specially disgened Pod. 'Hence the
lotus saying :' i don't know how much time you have left'

The really big question know is.. What are the Warframes. My theory is, that the Warframes are
in fact People, that where send to the Void and twisted. as reads in Excal Primes Codex entry
'We built a frame around them, a conduit of their affliction' I belive this process of twisting
them to be, well, rather painfull. Thus not only changing their apperance and giving them the
ability to channel the raw energy of the Void into more sophisticated powers. This explains, why
the Prime Frames are able to gain energy while standing near a Death Orb. They are first generations
of twisted Orokin, becoming warframes. Thous having a greater affinity to the Void. The Orokin
captured these Frames and started experementing on them. Testing their powers, their toughness.
They even cut them Open and researched the intestins, which judging by what Alad V states make
no sense, due to beeing twisted in a way. In my Opinion the Twisting of a Warframe is never a
fnished process, but an ongoing one. ANd the way the Frame Develops depends on the mental state
of the Warframe. This would explain how Valkyr got a new Skill set when traumatized by the
Corpus. The void energy in her giving her powers appropriate to her Mental state. (if you
don't know Valkyrs backstory, go and read it. Its amzingly dark and sad at the same time)
by researching the way in which Warframes develop in response to ceirtain stimuly and what part
of their Intestins Changed, the Orokin where able to steer the development in the direction they
want using Technology. Thus creating Standard Frames, which aren't twisted by the void, but by the

So in this theory. What are the Chroma and even more interestingly the Stalker? I belive
Chroma is a Warframe, who got seperated from his Operator withhout beeing destroyed by the
Sentients. Since its not a prime Frame it acts more on instinct, then on reason.
The Stalker on the other hand is i belive a lowly Orokin guard who, after seeing, what the Tenno
did to the Tenno did to the Orokin twisted himself in order to obtain the power necessary
to avenge his dead Masters.

Lastly, lets talk about the Lotus. I personally don't belive, that the operator and the Lotus
are the good guys. At first it seems, that the Operators are used in order to supress the
Warframes thous creating the Silent Tenno - the reject space ninjas we all love. I belive
the Lotus on one hand needs Tenno to further her own goal and on the other hand wanted to protect
the operators, by masking their own existence from them. This is why ordis only in
his 'mad' moments says 'do not lift the veil.. Do not split the dream' I think the Mad ordis
is on the side of the Warframes. trying to give hints to the Tenno, that they aren't one, but
to sentient entetiys.


Warframes are sentient beeings. While Primes are created via torture and trial and error by the
Orokin. standard frames aren't sent to the void, but constructed around Orokin with a high Void
Operators have 'raw' void powers which can be channeld into a frame thus creating the ability sets we
all know and love. Further more.. their presence near a Warframe seems to supress the Frames free will,
as seen in the Rhino Prime Codex entry, which i belive describes the discovery of the somatic Link.
The lotus does not want the Warframes to be free.

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