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As always, please keep calm! Just like Damage 2.0, Melee 2.0 is as drastic as it could get -- And as I do not possess all access towards the new information (not possessing mods and such), it will be much appreciated by the community if you would contribute to update this wiki! Here's the list of things you could do:

  • Updating the values of all weapons -- They now possess decimals yet again.
  • Updating the weapon types of all melees -- All melees are now properly grouped into fifteen different types, more details here.
  • Updating the polarities of all melees -- All melees now possesses stance slot and most pages do not mention the stances' polarity. If you happen to know what polarity it is, please write this anywhere in the Weapon Infobox:
|stance               = {{Icon/Pol|Bar/Ward/D/Pol/etc.}}
  • Determining whether a melee can stagger or not -- It seems that some melees can stagger on regular attack, while some cannot. I have updated the WeaponInfobox, all you have to do is to enter Source Mode, then write this anywhere in the lines:
|stagger              = Yes/No
  • All melees have base stamina usage now -- You can find the infos in your arsenal UI. Please include this in the Source lines:
|stamina              = [insert values here]

Thank you for your attention and please, enjoy the update!