Hello, Tenno Wikians, Twilight here. I've recently strolled through the Terraria Wikia and I've noticed how they included drop rate in each of their items. I had a similar thought to do this as well to all the mods in this wikia (and if you've noticed I did vandalize Lancer for this), but I want to know what you guys think first before applying this. Tell me what you think in the poll below, thanks!


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If you are wondering how I obtained the percentages, I simply used the default chance for the mod to drop, which is 3%. Further delving into the percentages, where 75.9% of all the mod drops rolls from the common table, 22.1% of them uncommon and 2.01% of them rare; we have a final formulae of:

Mod Drop Rate = 100% × (Rarity Percentage ÷ Number of Mods in Same Rarity) ÷ 33.33

Please refer to the table below for their respective Rarity Percentage. "-" refers to the case where no common, uncommon or rare mods are to be found in the drop table.

Common Uncommon Rare
75.9 22.12 2.01
- 91.67 8.33
97.42 - 2.58
77.46 22.57 -
100 - -
- 100 -
- - 100


That being said, I do look forward to implement this addition into the wiki. Of course, the following formulae could also be wrong, in which case you are more than welcome to correct me in the comment section below.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day! Twilight053

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