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Hey guys! Something just crossed my mind: Why not make enemy abilities their own tabs/pages? I remember several enemy abilities didn't have their own pages, but I could swear that some of them are actually worth making the page for.

With a thanks to Brizingr5 for the base code (and apology of copying), you can see one of the examples I've been working on here, and tell me what you think. Suggestions are always welcome, I appreciate it!

Interested in helping? I appreciate it! Here's the template:

Now, where do you get the diorama image from? That's for you to decide, take a good shot of the enemy using said abilitiy for a nice diorama! (It takes me 30 minutes to get the Nervos Mine diorama right! xD)


| name           = Ability name
| gameimage      = Insert "panel.jpg" here in default, substitute with other icon if available
| image          = Diorama image taken in game
| description    = Description of ability
| damage         = Damage of the ability
| range          = Range of the ability
| duration       = Time length of the ability
| users          = Enemies that possesses this ability
<tabber>Info     = General information about the ability.  (possibly in a bullet list)
|-|Weakness      = General weaknesses of this skill.

Blank Template

| name           = 
| gameimage      = panel.jpg
| image          = 
| description    = 
| cost           = 
| range          = 
| duration       = 
| users          =
<tabber>Info     = 
|-|Weakness      =

Thanks for reading! --T053