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After I've completed the centralized Maximization (something that probably most of you haven't noticed), I've realized that most of it isn't flexible for everyone. If you don't know, the actual Maximized Ability Strength doesn't use the highest multiplier possible, for example, it doesn't consider any Mod TT 20pxGrowing Power or the corruption buff. For this reason, I wanted to create interactive, that can allows everyone to choose their favourite values for min-maxing.

A interactive maximization

While the Wiki version is still WIP, I've just completed the "prototype" in Google Spreadsheets, you can find the link below:

The interactive maximization

While it shares similarities with Stoi84's Warframe Builder, this is just intended to be a prototype, and surely has more options related to abilities.

You spot an error or a typo? You can contact me in this blog!

Take this as a gift

Happy holidays, Tenno!

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