After planning this project for years and worked through various versions, it is finally here! For technical reasons, I’m unable to implement tooltips, but if you know what are you playing with it should not be a bad thing. For ease of use, you can call them through {{WFmax|table_name|input_name}} following this naming convention:

For input cells

  • main calls the main variant
    Input table not loaded. Javascript Not loaded
  • something calls the main table with the required additional cells spaced with "_", listed according to alphabetical order, for example {{WFmax|combo}} result in:
    Input table not loaded. Javascript Not loaded

NOTE only Combo cell of this table works because it is coexisting with its main variant on the same page, this normally should not happen

  • as exceptions, rumblers and atlas are called this way because are the only that use many different cells.

For Values

  • warframenameAbilitynumber calls only the cell related to a single ability, {{WFmax||atlas1}} result in:
Result table not loaded. Javascript Not loaded
  • warframenameAbilitynumber_aug calls a row with both the ability and the augment for that ability (hopefully they won’t do more than one PvE augment per Warframe), {{WFmax||banshee1_aug}} result in:
Result table not loaded. Javascript Not loaded
  • warframename calls the entire maximization table, {{WFmax||ash}} result in:
Result table not loaded. Javascript Not loaded


For now, only AshIcon272.pngAsh, AtlasIcon272.pngAtlas and BansheeIcon272.pngBanshee’s maximization are available, but soon others will come. I’m probably going to follow the alphabetical order, prioritize the upcoming Warframe and skip ones that requires a thoughtful approach.

What happened to the armor calculator?

You may have seen the calculator in Armor page that allowed to get your armor under certain conditions. I have temporary removed it because it co-existed with the previous version of this project inheriting part of its syntax. Because I have redone this project from the ground up, it needs to be redone. When I have ended all the Warframe Maximizations, I promise I will redo it with the Ability stats calculator, in case you want to know a certain value under specific conditions.

Help and feedback

Many stats in Warframe suffers of discrepancies, as an example, multiplier is referred both as "%" and as "x", depending on the ability. Because we have the opportunity to standardize, the question is: should we refer to what the game says or we define a standard at least for ability stats? Neither I can directly edit the code that is present in MediaWiki:Maximization.js. I always have to beg an administrator for updating it. But if you are familiar with JS and want to help, you can contact me directly through PM on Discord and I will give you the required tools. A thing I keep forgetting, tests are required to see how additive armor (e.g. Iron Renewal) interacts with abilities that use armor as part of their calculation. Most of the times they use Warframe's base armor and armor multiplier, but you never know. I am pretty sure there will be plenty of errors here and there, you can report them in this comment section and eventually also comment my bad tastes regarding styling.

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