Hi Lone Tennos!
After some pressure from different people, I have redone the Armor Calculator which is already available inside Armor page.
It is essentially like the old one, except for the Ability Strength section which decides the Strength multiplier of the corresponding ability. Overall layout could be improved, but in the lack of better ideas it is always preferred to nothing. As always, I am glad to hear your feedback.
We have preferred to allow impossible combination because we can, wanna try ChromaChromaIcon272.png Chroma with AtlasAtlasIcon272.png Atlas' Passive? You can do that!


In the meantime I am still working to the Interactive Ability Maximization, which only needs the data of all the Warframes. Unluckily I also have to study for exams so my progress are pretty slow.
Ended that, the syntax of the Armor Calculator allows to create similar calculators for other niches like Ability Strength, Movement Speed Multiplier and so on so forth. If you have any idea do not hesitate to comment below!


Quick shoutouts to Sreza, who helped me figuring out how to make Coaction Drift12?cb=20190608095452 Coaction Drift work properly, FINNED who refined the last details while butchering the code and everyone who joined the discussions in the #wiki_talk channel of our Wiki Discord Server (is that official?).