Hi wiki,

I have been working for a long time on Maximization tables for abilities, but there was always something I have struggled with: Niches and what should be considered "Maximum".
While the word can be taken literally, my approach was always to consider only "permanent mods" as opposed to consider every small thing for the highest value possible. I think that the used value should be easily reachable, with no in-game condition nor "veteran exclusivities" to satisfy it.

I wanted to fix this problem with Kselia, by introducing Interactive Maximization here in the wiki. Unluckily he's busy studing and I don't have enough knowledge of Javascript for proceed alone. For now I made an almost-up-to-date Excel version that I can't put in every maximization but it's available for everyone who could find it, like here.

With the introduction of Umbral mods, and their possibility to being equipped on every Warframe, I had to ask this question once again: accessibility or true maximum? This time I don't have the answer, I want to know what you contributors think. No surveys, just an open discussion where every can comment.

As of now, Maximized Ability Strength considers: Mod TT 20pxIntensify, Mod TT 20pxBlind Rage, Mod TT 20pxTransient Fortitude, Mod TT 20pxPower Drift, Mod TT 20pxAugur Secrets, and Mod TT 20pxEnergy Conversion (with and without). Plus, Warframes who have innate Passives (except Ember, which is really niche) and/or Abilities that increase Ability Strength, have extra tabbers that also consider these effects as active.

What can be added

  • Arcane helmets, I have removed them from calculation because of their availability and the fact that Fashionframe is the favourite meta
  • Mod TT 20pxGrowing Power, a mod that I often use, its main problem is the Madurai Pol polarity, the fact that requires a Proc to activate, and the fact that stacks with itself, so deciding which is the proper number of GP to consider is a bit challenging, luckily for this consideration raids are gone.
  • Corruption, double Strength and Range is really the best thing you can hope for, but you can obtain it only in Void Fissures, and there's no guaranteed chance to get the Warframe corrupted. If that wasn't enough, the lower is the tier, the lower is the corruption duration
  • Umbral mods, central point of this blog, I'm still unsure that those are really supposed to be equipped on every Warframe, but it is also true that none would max 3 Primed for just one Warframe. For the Maximization calculation it will be considered the case where you have maxed only Umbral Intensify and left the others at the rank you've received them, otherwise you'll exceed mod capacity (it's only the set bonus that counts)
  • Extending Warframe Abilities that increase Ability Strength to other Warframes, one of the smallest niches, especially if we consider Maximum Ability Strength Nidus with Parasitic Link linked to you.
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