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  • TunaInABottle

    Hi Lone Tennos!
    After some pressure from different people, I have redone the Armor Calculator which is already available inside Armor page.
    It is essentially like the old one, except for the Ability Strength section which decides the Strength multiplier of the corresponding ability. Overall layout could be improved, but in the lack of better ideas it is always preferred to nothing. As always, I am glad to hear your feedback.
    We have preferred to allow impossible combination because we can, wanna try with ' Passive? You can do that!

    In the meantime I am still working to the Interactive Ability Maximization, which only needs the data of all the Warframes. Unluckily I also have to study for exams so my progress are pretty slow.
    Ended that, the s…

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  • TunaInABottle

    After planning this project for years and worked through various versions, it is finally here! For technical reasons, I’m unable to implement tooltips, but if you know what are you playing with it should not be a bad thing. For ease of use, you can call them through result in:

    For now, only , and ’s maximization are available, but soon others will come. I’m probably going to follow the alphabetical order, prioritize the upcoming Warframe and skip ones that requires a thoughtful approach.

    You may have seen the calculator in Armor page that allowed to get your armor under certain conditions. I have temporary removed it because it co-existed with the previous version of this project inheriting part of its syntax. Because I have redone this proj…

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  • TunaInABottle

    Hi wiki,

    I have been working for a long time on Maximization tables for abilities, but there was always something I have struggled with: Niches and what should be considered "Maximum".
    While the word can be taken literally, my approach was always to consider only "permanent mods" as opposed to consider every small thing for the highest value possible. I think that the used value should be easily reachable, with no in-game condition nor "veteran exclusivities" to satisfy it.

    I wanted to fix this problem with Kselia, by introducing Interactive Maximization here in the wiki. Unluckily he's busy studing and I don't have enough knowledge of Javascript for proceed alone. For now I made an almost-up-to-date Excel version that I can't put in every ma…

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  • TunaInABottle

    Hi wiki,

    After I've completed the centralized Maximization (something that probably most of you haven't noticed), I've realized that most of it isn't flexible for everyone. If you don't know, the actual Maximized Ability Strength doesn't use the highest multiplier possible, for example, it doesn't consider any or the corruption buff. For this reason, I wanted to create interactive, that can allows everyone to choose their favourite values for min-maxing.

    While the Wiki version is still WIP, I've just completed the "prototype" in Google Spreadsheets, you can find the link below:

    The interactive maximization

    While it shares similarities with Stoi84's Warframe Builder, this is just intended to be a prototype, and surely has more options related …

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  • TunaInABottle

    New Melee Combo icons

    November 8, 2017 by TunaInABottle

    I don't like long things so I'm going to cut it short:

    |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = Pause |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = Pause |chargeattack = Rolling Wave |slideattack = Flowing River |slamattack = Sky Doom |wallattack = Weightless Steel |finisher = Crashing Wave }} Taken from .

    This thing is unreadable. Because of this, I've designed a new series of icons that hopefully will greatly improve the readibility of the bonuses of combos. Below you can find the exact same Stance with the new icons.

    |move1em = 2 |move2 = Thunder Hydra |move2combo = |move2em = 2 |move3 = Lightning Siren |move3combo = + |move3em = 2 |move4 = Leviathan Rain |move4combo = |move4em = 2 …

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