Alright,I know you guys have made several points and perspectives on the Interception mode.


In case you were wondering what gear I have,here they are:


Primary weapons:Tigris,Hind,Paris Prime

Secondary weapons:Azima,Aksomati,Seer(this one made the Earth Interception mission ridiculously easy)


So,erm, the Seer must have been the key.

Becuz that was how I managed to whack all 4 points.

BUT, the point here is, can one solo Tenno complete an Interception mission, WHATEVER GEAR THEY HAVE?


When it comes to maps,Grineer missions are the choice.

But the Corpus? They may have the enviroment to their advantage.

But what they DON'T have is their forces.

See,most of their guys are robotics. And, those MOAS and Ospreys don't know how to use consoles,right?

Which means there's a lot less guys to kill when you're defending a point. Just pick off Crewmen and Techs unless they've started the hack.

​Ancient Retribution mod

Why I STILL dislike the Interception mode is that mod thing DE uses as placeholders for their mods.

It's been known to CRASH your game session, and sometimes, if it doesn't crash, it'll prevent you from legitimately exiting your mission.

And worst of all... can't tell it from the good ones.

Usually this one pops up right after a major update,so sometimes when that happens I tend to avoid Interception and Defense missions.

And that's that

Good or bad,nobody knows.

I rest my case.

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