Get your peepee's ready bois.

Since my last blog went over so well last time (deleted two hours after I posted it), I decided to make another blog post for absolutely no fucking reason other than boredom and distraction. I'mma talk about what are, in my opinion, the thiccest Warframes in the game. I have no real criteria for choosing spots on the list or anything, I just wanted to talk about thicc Warframes. So lets whet our whistles and see which Warframes get your thicc meters off the charts.

Number 5 - Grendel


The most recently introduced Warframe as of making this blog, this boi's tummy is really chunky. Which makes sense since he's pretty much the only Voreframe in the game, in that his main gimmick is that he eats his opponents to heal himself and allies, pukes them out to do toxic damage, or becomes a robot bowling ball and steamrolls enemies. He's not only thicc, he uses his thiccness to his advantage. That's what I call efficient.

Number 4 - Valkyr Prime


I know what you're thinking. Well, actually I don't, but I'm just gonna assume that you are thinking this for the sake of comedy. "Dude, Valkyr is as thin as a twig, are you blind and stupid?"  Can't really argue with the stupid part, but you see, her thiccness actually comes from one of her attributes: her armor. At 700 base, her armor is the highest of all Warframe's in the game. She might not be packing much in the physical appearance department, but as we say out in the country, she got a thicc hide.

Number 3 - Rhino Prime


Rhinos in real life are known for having very tough skin and are strong as Hell, and Warframe's Rhino Prime is no exception. This guy is the typical weightlifter you see at every gym. Big ass chest and shoulders, tiny legs (though to be fair, his legs aren't really that small in proportion to his body). This is basically the opposite of Grendel, who's only thicc due to being a very hungry boi. Rhino here, is the thicc chad of the list.

Number 2 - Equinox Prime


My personal favourite Warframe, Equinox Prime's Composite form is the perfect thicc for my tastes. Her legs are just right, her nice blue thighs accentuated by her lovely white gown/dress/skirt/whatever-it-is, she's like the one hot girl in your Spanish class that you can't help staring at due to her thiccness. Her waist could be a little bit wider if anything, but otherwise she's perfect. But, she isn't the thiccest. 

Number 1 - Hildryn


Now we're getting into the REALLY thicc territory. Hildryn is the textbook definition of a thicc appearance, being the female Hercules of the Warframe lineup. And it shows, she's got the muscles of an Amazon warrioress. She's thicc everywhere from her chest to her legs, like the really thicc girl that isn't quite so big but at the same time thicc enough that your wonka really gets willy. 

Secret Number 0- Mesa Prime

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