So, I guess I've started collating some opinions on the game on my userpage for now. I think there needs to be more info out there for mid level players who are still going through the starchart and such, and exploring different modes. I personally run a lot of Dark Sector, Nightmare, and on occasion Archwing, dabbling in different things, so I think some introductions to these modes could be expanded or done better. Also, a lot more mechanics could be done tidier in a more personal, opinionated, preferentially-editorialised style, less prone to frequent changes. So even though the mainspace of wiki is a great resource I'll continue to contribute to and fix up, I will definitely bear in mind its limitations and be sure to put stuff that doesn't fit in there somewhere else (userspace, google docs or something)...

What I'd really like to do is a rundown of the abilities for newbz. As a nooby tryhard I can't even read some of the ability pages, they're so messy. But I need more time /played! Perhaps in the next few months.

Take care out there, fellow Tenno. Fight well. Techhead7890 Talk Contribs 09:47, December 29, 2017 (UTC)

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